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Dr. Adina Alberts MD Plastic Surgery

Dr Adina Alberts founded the CareZone Medical aesthetic surgery clinic. Dr. Adina Alberts laid the foundation of a sanctuary of harmony and beauty for the human body.

She studied all the treatments she practices and is convinced of their effectiveness. She believes that only by offering treatments with internationally proven results she will be able to bring long-term satisfaction to her patients.

Dr. Adina Alberts graduated from the “Carol Davila” Medicine and Pharmacy University in 1996. She worked under the guidance of Professor Dr. Ioan Lascar for 9 years, in the Bucharest Emergency Hospital.

Dr Alberts regularly attends various conferences and symposia, national and international, wishing to keep abreast with the latest developments in her field of activity.

During January-March 2005 she was accepted to work with Bryant Toth, a renowned plastic surgeon in San Francisco, the doctor who performed the facelift on the italian ex-prime-minister Berlusconi.

She recently returned from a fellowship with Professor Giovanni Botti, in Salo, Italy, where she was trained in centrofacial lifting techniques.

Fără titlu

  • Adina Alberts - General Manager at Care Zone
  • Place 50 - 2005
  • Career 9
  • Notoriety 4,25
  • Financial Situation 7
  • Social Involvement 8
  • Success in 2004: 7
  • Total 35.25

Floreasca Hospital. Adina Alberts (36 years old) is studying an old woman's chart, brought to the Emergency Room by a neighbor. She has an infected leg crawling worms.

Despite terrible pain, the elderly, mentally ill, woman is swearing the doctor who will care for her daily for 6 months, with patience that will amaze her colleagues, and who will personally find a place for her in a home after the woman will receive her discharge.

The story above is a slice of life. Adina Alberts's life, doctor known by the high-life from "Care Zone", the clinic she opened in 2003, but the ideea of a complex center that combines the techniques of skin care and beauty with plastic surgery she had long before that.

As a student, needing to round off her income, she worked as a sales agent in cosmetics. Soon celebrities like Andreea Esca, Loredana Groza or Oana Cuzino became devoted customers of "Care Zone" and the great pride of Adina is that Hollywood stars like Michael Madsen, Penelope Miller, Sir Ben Kingsley and Gerard Depardieu have stated their satisfaction with the services provided by CareZone. "So to launch Care Zone, I did market research, I visited similar centers in the Netherlands and Italy. I wanted to make sure that the idea of such a place, offering treatments ranging from eyebrow threading to mammary reduction, from waxing to liposuction, all concentrated in one place, will catch in Romania". The idea caught and today Care Zone is a veritable institution dedicated to beauty.

If you ask Adina Alberts how she did that just a year after opening the clinic, she will respond that a satisfied customer is the best marketing agent. No matter if it is a celebrity, a successful business woman or a normal girl who wants to get rid of her anxiety caused by having small breasts, but who can't financially afford such an intervention.

Adina Alberts thought to help them, including those belonging to the latter category, so her center is the first of its kind in Romania introducing the idea of “cosmetic surgery loans”.

You would expect that such increasing success would determine Adina Alberts to consider giving up the endless hours spent at the hospital. She vehemently rejects the idea. “The hospital is pure medicine. I can not give it up, not after years of nonstop 24 hours guards and after so many surgeries that lasted 10-12 hours, during which you do not drink water and do not go to the toilet. This kind of effort is not something easily understood by others then those in the same situation. In addition, after we passed the residency exams and I started working in the hospital, I felt like I found my place ", she told us late last year, in a December evening, when preparing her luggage for San Francisco.

She had to spend five weeks there, as she was accepted to work with the renowned Professor Bryant Toth, the surgeon who performed the face lift for the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Business Card

  • 1990 - 1996 - University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest (on scholarship)
  • 1997 - 1998 - Medical doctor in Giurgiu
  • January 1999 - March 2004 - plastic surgery resident physician
  • now: physician, assistant professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery and Recons

  • Adina Alberts - General Manager at Care Zone
  • Place 44 - 2006
  • Career 9
  • Reputation 4,5
  • Financial Situation 7.5
  • Social Involvement 8
  • Success in 2005: 8
  • Total 38,75

Dr. Adina Alberts , general manager of the beauty institute Care Zone, started the 2005 year in the United States. For two months she worked in San Francisco, in an intensive training with the renowned professor Bryant Toth, the surgeon responsible for the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's face lift.

Also, she had the opportunity to work with Admiral Richard Carmona, U.S. Surgeon General , who coordinates government strategies aimed at maintaining and improving the health of the American population. Returned home, Adina Alberts has implemented in Romania what she has learned in the US, both at CareZone and at the Plastic Surgery Reconstructive Microsurgery Floreasca Emergency Hospital .

She actively participated in several charity campaigns , including the "Family violence" program. Adina Alberts is the initiator of the broad humanitarian "Vision Surgery" campaing, through which elderly patients were operated for free. The campaign runs now in collaboration with Dr. Ileana Boiangiu from the Plastic Surgery and Burns Hospital. "From a certain point in the career, for each of us helping those in need becomes a priority", says Adina Alberts.

PhD student at UMF Carol Davila starting December last year, Adina Alberts wrote and published last year over 100 articles in different newspapers and magazines and has a regular column in the largest romanian daily circulation newspaper. Her book, "Cellulite - a continuing challenge", is in print. 

In addition, she oppened a new location for CareZone in the Pro Aesthetics Clinic and is in evaluation with Medicoclinic and Sanador. She also layed the foundation for turning CareZone in a franchise in Craiova , Galati, Pitesti and Suceava.

International Celebrities among the Care Zone customers

  • Michael Madsen was thrilled with the services provided by the Care Zone Beauty Institute. For two months and a half he was in Romania and the actor never missed a day of treatment - massage, reflexology, physiotherapy or lymphatic drainage.
  • Singer Phil Collins testified as to receiving one of the best massages of his life at Care Zone.
  • Sir Ben Kingsley chose Care Zone for massage services, while actress Penelope Ann Miller chose the Care Zone endermology treatment.

  • Adina Alberts - General Manager at Care Zone
  • Place 49 - 2007
  • Career 9
  • Notoriety 4.75
  • Financial Situation 7.5
  • Social Involvement 8
  • Success in 2006 7.5
  • Total 37.62

Through her passion for plastic surgery, but also with hard work, sacrifice and perseveration, Adina Alberts is successful in one of the most challenging fields of medicine. "If five years ago, when I opened the Care Zone Clinic in the Marriott hotel, was a bit much for the time, in the sense that I had difficulties as I was trying bring to Romania what I saw in other countries and there was not yet a market for it, today things have changed very much"says Adina Alberts. The Care Zone Clinic offers a wide range of services, from body treatments and facial maintenance to cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, Adina Alberts boasts many firsts in the field of body care, such as the introduction in our country of the concept of "credit for beauty", which has put in place a system to facilitate obtaining loans for aesthetic surgery.

The intensive body shaping packages for new moms who want to recover after birth have had great success, reason for which the packages were extended later for all people who want to lose weight in a healthy manner. Another package, unique in Romania, it targets pregnant women, offering prevention therapies for all groups of unsightly "problems" which can occur during pregnancy.

Adina Alberts is still working as a specialist and assistant professor at the Department of Plastic Surgery Reconstructive Microsurgery of Floreasca Emergency Hospital. She intends to resume the humanitarian campaign "Vision Surgery" which ran from August 2005 to June 2006, with support from the Plastic Surgery and Burns Hospital.

Starting September this year, this program, which enables elderly patients to benefit from free eyelid surgeries, will take place in the new CareZone building.

In the future, she sees herself doing the same work, as she is passionate about what she does. "This is why I manage to work 12 hours every day. I had fellow students who told me I did too many things. It does not seem so to me. Perhaps I copied my father's model, who was also a true careerist", concluded Adina Alberts.

Investment in Care Zone Medical

"A project that I'm working very intensively on is opening our new main center, work that has started a few months ago and that will be the highlight of our work so far", said Adina Alberts. It was her dream to build a cosmetic surgery clinic, providing the most diverse treatments. And it is possible and even necessary, if we look at the turnover of the clinic, which doubled in the past year. The new CareZone Clinic will be functional starting May this year and will include an ultra modern Spa. Also, there will be operating rooms, and every kind of treatment, from massage to cosmetic surgery. The total investment amounts to over one million euros.

  • Adina Alberts - General Manager at Care Zone
  • Place 40 - 2008
  • Career 9
  • Reputation 5 
  • Financial Situation 7.5
  • Social Involvement 8
  • Success in 2007: 8
  • Total 39

2007, a crucial year for Adina Alberts. It was the year she restarted from zero, both professionally and personally. Last year she moved the Care Zone Urban Spa Clinic, which she runs, to a new, spacious location, with equipment of the highest standards.

The clinic has over 600 m2 on five levels and, despite initial estimates showed a two million Euros investment, the final amount invested was of about four million Euros.

The opening of the new clinic took place in June 2007 and in October of the same year she organized the first Botox Party in Romania, an event that has enjoyed great success. Also last year she founded the second company, Care Zone Medical, a company that conducts medical activities: cosmetic surgery, nutritional consultations, dermatology, psychology, general surgery and internal medicine. All these investments have led to an increased turnover, which in 2007 tripled compared to the previous year.

The clinic run by Adina Alberts had last year, overall, approximately 200 patients, while the number of employees reached 15, with several collaborators. Although the clinic is taking most of her time, Adina Alberts is still working as a doctor at Bagdazar hospital.

"I can not give up the hospital. It is the place where I best keep in contact with my field of activity" she says. Instead, in order to have more free time, she gave up the hours spent at the clinic during the weekend. Also, through the "Vision Surgery" program she is involved in humanitarian campaigns, targeted at the elderly who need correction of the eyelids.

2007 was a watershed year in her personal life also, as Adina Alberts' marriage ended in divorce. Even so, she wants a child and believes in new beginnings. Like many businessmen, she invested part of her money in real estate. In her spare time she likes to listen to music, to dance, to travel to places as exotic as the Caribbean, which she already visited.

But more then these hobbies, she loves the craft she practices. "My biggest hobby is plastic surgery! It's a blessing to do what you love ", Adina Alberts concluded .

The "Vision Surgery" Campaign

  • The "Vision Surgery" Campaign targets a number of 100 elderly patients who will benefit from free corrective surgery of the eyelids. This kind of intervention is crucial for many of the elderly, because the structures of the skin around the eyes become more flaccid with the passage of time and require correction so not to narrow the visual field. The campaign is sponsored by major companies, one of them being the ENEL Italian company.
  • This campaign took place two years ago, in collaboration with Plastic Surgery and Burns Hospital, and the promoter of the program was Adina Alberts.

Fără titlu

" When you're on the screen, most gazes are critical. Many are asking: "Why a lot of celebrities turn to plastic surgery?' Because the smallest defect is put under a microscope, and the person is disbanded. Even if you had the luck to be born with all the characteristics we appreciate today, there is always an enemy that does not take account of rank or nationality - cellulite. And to be honest, a firm body, without a trace of cellulite, overshadows everything. It is odd that we treat them is so handy, that not treating them seems like a denial of beauty. "

As Beauty Editor, I am one of the first people to learn about the most revolutionary advances in beauty care. So I found that many of the aesthetic imperfections can be corrected with a few operations, but cellulite is a 'burden' we should give more attention to, although usually is left off the tasks list. Believe me, I know what it means minimal time you're trying to exhaust, so you do not feel like you're a step behind. How can beauty treatments, a balanced diet, exercise and relaxation fit in the schedule? I haven't found the answer, but learning some tricks you can find reading a few pages every night before bed in this book signed by Adina Alberts, one of the most renowned plastic surgeons and search Romania, you are a step closer to a more beautiful body. Beauty is not fleeting, unless you let it slip out of your hand."

Nicoleta Bujor, Beauty Editor

Preface by Roman Catinca

Your own body care is influenced by the education and culture of the group in which you live. Think of the “grandmothers” living in the countryside, for whom body cream is just a sequence of words or the fad of a "lady".

Many say that this “grandmothers” have wonderful skin and, after sitting for hours in the sun, their skin is not as tainted as a woman's who has lived her entire life in an urban setting. Sometimes this is true, sometimes it is just prejudice.

I think the differences are: living in urban areas means that besides the comfort of technology we also have to deal with the discomfort of eating food not that healthy or wearing fashionable clothes, but not so good for the skin.

So it could not be more appropriate to learn to take care of our body, about its anatomy and physiology, to read things that today we can understand with the maturity that we lacked when we were students.

The fact that you are today in front of a book that teaches you what changes are happening to your body is a sign that our progress is in the right direction: we have in Romania professionals who can take care of us at international standards, but we also are patients who know what to ask from the experts.

And the book you are reading, as its author, Dr. Adina Alberts, are some of the best choices we can make in this area.

Happy reading.

Foreword by Mihaela Tatu

When Adina Alberts asked me to write the foreword of her book, "Cellulite, a never-ending challenge", I was honored, but I felt - I will be suspected of lack of modesty - entitled. I do not know if she had a patient for whom her treatments had better results then in my case and I do not know if there is a woman more commited then me in the fight against cellulite.

Therefore, considering I'm an expert in everything related to the causes and the remedies for cellulite, I said I will not need more then to read between the lines of her book and... the foreword would be done! It was not like that. From the very first lines, my attention was caught by the complexity, rigor, precision and usefulness of the book, due to the seriousness for which Adina Alberts is known for and which is transposed in this book.

So I realized that when I decided to change my lifestyle, from eating to sports, through massage, relaxation techniques, teas, we took into account not just the cellulite (which I thought I knew so much about) but also the havoc it produces after a certain age, in terms of appearance. Following the Adina Alberts' endermology treatment, my looks improved.

But only now, thanks to Adina Alberts's book, I realized what were the many causes of cellulite and why many remedies I have tried against the "orange peel" had failed. I learned how the "huge publicity that was created around this pseudo-disease mobilizes fabulous sums, by promising great results by simply applying creams or taking of a pill. Authorities vested with the control and management of these consumer products prohibited countless times false advertising, forcing large companies to the reimbursement of large amounts of money to buyers. This explains why after only a year or two, "miraculous" cellulite pills promising total cure do not exist anymore on the market, or why some creams that just a year ago we saw in all media and on almost all TV commercials do not exist at the pharmacies anymore."

What seems to me to be more important and useful is that this book does not just treat cellulite, but it also covers notions of our body's anatomy, information on skin, hair, nails, metabolism as tools to understand the problem of cellulite. Knowing our body well, what's better and what not, with as much information about eating, diets and therapies. Thus we come to a better understanding of how our body responds to various external factors that we "bomb" it with, considering them as positive and necessary. And we are then amazed that we gain weight, that our skin looks tired, like an orange peel, and that we feel discomfort.

Dr. Adina Alberts's book gives us the opportunity to learn to make friends with our bodies and makes us understand that cellulite is a first warning, that the body warns us about some conditions that we have and we do not know or lurk around the corner. We must recognize that although women want to be beautiful and to delay aging as much as possible, we could not have a pleasant appearance, regardless of the standards of beauty, without good health and without peace and inner balance.

But why always talk only about women? Men would be amazed at the fact that they will realize some conditions that they could not explain until now or by finding solutions to some problems. It is a book for everyone, for all ages and all classes.

I thank Adina Alberts for the initiative, the fact that she led thought the end and especially for the care she shows in the work we do for my health and appearance and, at the risk of repeating myself, for her seriously and sincerity.

Suna Acum