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Desi tratamentul este foarte eficient, totusi 1% din pacienti nu obtin rezultatele dorite!

Exercise is very important for maintaining health. Aerobic exercises increases tissue oxygenation, greatly influencing tissue detoxification processes. Exercises involved in cellulite treatment group in two important mechanisms, namely muscle tone to increase energy fat consumption, decreasing fat deposits. The burning of fat tissue begins after 20 minutes of exercise, after the depletion of muscle glycogen. That is why it is so important to exercise for no less than an hour in order to really be effective. Tissue oxygenation and detoxification are amplified during exercise. Sweat is a mixture of water and toxic products that are so removed from the body. The anti-cellulite exercise programs must not be confused with other types of programs. These programs are not meant in any way to achieve muscle tone on a scale so large that the initial volume of fat to be taken by muscle mass. Intensive muscle mass is subject to other specialties, and therefore we will not deal with this aspect.

Pathophysiological explanation of the association of increased levels of estrogen stress hormone with the emergence and maintenance of cellulite makes it important to properly manage physical stress levels inherent to sport programs.

Regarding the efforts to combat cellulite, the program must include a series of gentle exercises that usually do not require excessive use of fitness equipment, and consists of walking, cycling, dancing, so-called "aerobic" exercises, ie repeated rhythmic movement that combines extremely varied elements of exercise, typically lasting an hour. The aerobics classes are usually very demanding.

Gymnastics is also welcomed especially as it can be practiced in the privacy of your home without depending on training gyms. Some proposals in this regard can be found in the following.

Exercises for abdominal muscles
  1. supine (lying on back). arms straight at your sides with your palms flat on the floor, legs stretched: lifting legs perfectly straight, at a height of about 30 cm. Depart feet closer and then return to the ground slowly into position. 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps.
  2. supine. Arms at your sides and your legs stretched behind. Bring legs stretched vertically by flexing the knee, and the upright legs leave the ground about 30º from vertical, then return. 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps.
  3. supine. Arms at your sides and legs extended. Raising the upper torso (shoulders only) on the ground and return with inspiration. It can be done with legs suppor, with knees straight or bent. 2-3 sets of 8 reps each.
  4. lateral position (lying sideways). Arm located on the ground, stretched head, other hand on hip. From this position, lift the lower limb (leg abduction) with knees straight and inspiration, then return to the breath . 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps. Then resume movement on the opposite side.
  5. lateral decubitus . With support from the legs and knees straight, hands behind your head, torso lateral raises making an angle of about 30° with the ground. You can do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps. Next run the same exercise on the opposite side of the bed.
  6. supine. With arms at your sides, palms flat on the floor: lift legs to vertical and from this position - "cycling" perfect leg stretched at the end of cyclical movements. 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps.
  7. sitting on the floor with legs stretched forward. Arms at your sides, palms on the floor: pass in a sitting position with legs crossed, hands resting on his knees and knees with palms pressed 2 times, then return to starting position. During exercise remains as right back and head immobile. Sitting cross-legged right means to bring soles of seat and larger knee remoteness. Breathing is done regularly throughout the year , repeated in 2-3 series 6-8 times.
  8. supine . With arms at your sides : bringing the knees to the chest by a quick movement , followed by stretching their legs to vertical and slow descent ( taut knees ) . 2 series are as 8 reps. Inspiration by lifting the knees .

Muscle toning exercises for the legs
  1. walking on their toes and heels alternately by 10 steps can be repeated 5-6 times.
  2. squats on your toes , with feet together or squats on each leg to step forward, backward or sideways. All types of squats " shape " as the knees and thighs.
  3. While sitting on the floor with legs apart and knees straight are bending each leg in hand trying to keep the back as straight position . 2-3 sets of 10 reps .
  4. While sitting on the floor with legs apart and knees straight , bending forward , between the legs , trying to touch the ground with his chest . Hands can be up to neck or supported by the ground. 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps.
  5. the lateral decubitus position with the other hand supporting the elbow and on the ground in front of the abdomen , are shearing the leg side . Shear can be made in various fields.
  6. shear supine . In the supine position with arms at your sides and palms resting on the ground, lift your legs - perfect tension knee joint - at a height of about 20 cm of soil. Run cross motion and away legs horizontally - left over right and right over left ( knees taut and contracted muscles ) after a short break to rest your feet on the ground, repeat the exercise . 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps. This exercise is done vertically . Emphasize the need for execution exclusively in hip joint movement , opening " scissors " of approximately 30 cm .
  7. the lateral decubitus position on a hand, elbow support , rises in a vertical position closest contralateral leg and hand on the same side , fasten heel , knee being taught. Adjust the horizontal leg upright support only remaining hip and elbow. 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps. Then do the opposite .
  8. the supine position with the knee flexed and back support and feet , buttocks lift as high as possible . 3-4 sets of 10 reps . Exercise can be done with both feet simultaneously support or support for a foot to the other foot is lifted vertically stretched knee .
  9. the supine position with the knee flexed and away , bring your knees inward , alternately and then together . 2 sets of 8 reps for each leg each and 8 reps knees while .
  10. the prone position , " belly " with hands outstretched at your sides, legs and trunk extension simultaneously . 3 sets of 6-8 reps.
  11. of support on his knees and hands, back, and leg extension up to the return of flexion chest. 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions for both legs .
  12. of support on his knees and hands to make a horizontal leg , back , knee taught. From the horizontal to the vertical lifts are returning and maintaining the horizontal . 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions for each leg.
  13. of support on his knees and hands , with thigh high in horizontal and back and knee flexed at 90 º leg up , repeat the previous movements , keeping constant angle of 90 ° between the thigh and leg .
  14. Exercises 11, 12, 13 can be made and brought lateral leg horizontally stretched or flexed knee and towards the thigh 90 .
  15. Exercise 6.7, 10,11,12,13,14 can be made with additional weights applied to ankles , so their efficiency to be as high.
  16. the knee support on. The inside toes , arms slightly bent , hands resting on the hips or thighs . From this position , tilting torso back , making only knee movement . The shoulders should be straight and your chin slightly duped . Inspiration is done during tilt . Number of repetitions : 6 to 8 .
  17. the knee position are " settlements " on hips side alternately on each side. 2 sets of 8 reps each . For people with thighs full number of reps can double or even triple.
  18. in orthostatic position ( standing ) , rises one of the legs horizontally and look for a support leg so that your knee is perfectly stretched . Are bending that leg 2-3 series as 8 reps . The side and then repeat the exercise for the other leg .
  19. the position described in exercise 17 are bending the body which supports the foot on the ground. The same number of reps .
  20. the sitting position astride the seat, facing the backrest , lifting legs. From this position ( similar to the rider on the horse ) trunk elbows , hands resting on the back , feet on the ground to support the body weight, run a stretch energy ( the knee joint ) feet apart laterally to horizontal while both feet. The exercise can be repeated 20-30 times .
  21. in orthostatic position , catch a small ball between your ankles rubber and rub vigorously. Count of four , the ball is pressed uniform and equal to both ankles during May discontinue pressing . The number of repetitions varies between 10 and 20 times.
  22. in orthostatic position with feet slightly apart , feet parallel , near soles. Exercise is performed simultaneously pulling both feet inside. Although it is very difficult, it contributes greatly to strengthening the inner thigh muscles and thus endanger the unsightly space . To mitigate the degree of difficulty, recommend exercise performance on a well-polished floors , using slick soled shoes ( gym shoes ) . While increasing the number of repetitions - 10 to 40 times - will increase the distance between the feet.

Exercises for people with full thighs
From the very beginning I must stress that it is much easier to gain weight than to lose weight. However weakening is achievable, provided always run systematically higher number of repetitions. Obviously, the result is visible after a week but after about 3-4 weeks, is recommended perseverance and patience.

  1. pedaling. Essentially exercised is similar to riding a bike , run circular movements with the legs of the supine position . The manner of execution is totally different , so move the hip joint is designed without resistance . During exercise the leg muscles need to be more relaxed and the pace very fast execution . Initially run 40 moves , whose number increases progressively reaching 150 . Such a number of repetitions is required interleaving two rest breaks of 30 seconds.
  2. shear. From a lying position to a vertical run lifting legs slightly bent knees and muscles as relaxed . Next run quickly through movement felt in the hip joint crossing left leg over right and vice versa. The number of repetitions is 150 with 2 breaks of 30 sec.Observatie : to reduce the proportion of thigh exercises to avoid developing their first squatting , extensions and contractions of individual muscle groups performed on devices. In the same vein is recommended massage.

Exercises for people with full hips
  1. swinging leg . In orthostatic position , in proximity of seat backrest , left hand leans back in his chair . He stood right leg and bring over the seatback remains a fraction of a second over and then return to original position. 2-3 sets of 10 reps for each leg . It is important to follow regular respiratory movements . Regarding the exercise itself, turning basin is energetic, while printing a maximum amplitude rocking motion of the foot.
  2. exercise for thighs. Sitting on the floor , knees bent, feet as close to the seat , palms resting back on the ground. From this position both knees go sideways to the left and right alternatively to achieve balance. Repeat 10 to 20 times in both directions.
  3. successive settlements on the hips , the knees position on hips side settlements are alternatives , with a return to the starting position . Hands stretched neck or face. 2-3 sets of 8 reps each .
  4. tare exercises . Sitting on the ground with legs extended , arms forward horizontally , head up feet extension . From this position moving forward with alternative tare buttocks movement runs the pool .
  5. lateral decubitus lateral shear. 2-3 sets of 10-15 each side shear .
  6. lifting the pelvis. Lying on your back with your arms at your sides, your palms as close to the pool, legs stretched forward. At one time bending the legs, pelvis and thighs so as to form an acute angle at time 2 , lifting the pelvis, making support to the shoulder blades and heels , buttocks very contracted , arms position unchanged . In March during descent basin on the ground, returning to the supine position and during four stretching legs. It will closely monitor breathing , exercise is repeated 10 to 15 times. Difficult version : supine , legs extended , heels resting on a chair, arms at your sides with palms resting on the ground. At one time pushing pelvis up and buttock muscle contraction , so that the support will be limited by the shoulder blades and heels . At time 2 maintaining position in the basin during March descent in supine during April to break. The exercise is repeated 10-15 times .
  7. dorsal "extensions". lying in prone position , head extension, chin resting on the ground, arms stretched forward in trunk extension , fingers crossed . During January , raising arms with closed fists ( elbows straight ) and right leg stretched knee joint . Now breathe . La 2 - lowering the arms and leg on the ground - while making exhalation . 3 - raising the arms and left leg - inspiration. Exercise is repeated 5-10 times , considering that in during the execution , his chin resting on the ground either . After a few days , you can try making movement simultaneously with both feet ( exercise contribute to the buttock muscles ) .

Manual lymph drainage

Complementary cellulite therapy is compulsory lymph drainage, which must be done non-traumatic and leads to an improvement in tissue metabolic homeostasis.

Manual lymph drainage is one of the most important therapeutic approaches to maintaining your health and beauty. These massage techniques are designed to push the lymph from the periphery to the large collecting ducts that remove excess liquid.

With the introduction endermology the execution of mechanical lymphatic drainage is possible, manual lymph drainage passing in the background. Currently only body aesthetics centers that are not equipped with this apparatus practice manual lymphatic drainage.
Benefits are maximized in detoxifying and stimulating lymphatic tissue.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Body scrub represents deep cleansing of the skin using special creams and / or abrasive sponges. The technique involves applying previously all abrasive creams on the skin surface followed by intense and prolonged massage as the sebum layer with scaling cells are removed gradually.

Any peeling technique must be followed by a mandatory application of active anti-cellulite moisturizing, nutritious creams and finally a fat cream to restore the skin's lipid physiologically film. Any active ingredient applied to the clean skin has a much better chance to penetrate deeply and be more effective.

The accompanying peeling massage increases skin vasculature and this is a net benefit in increasing penetrability of various substances in the skin.

In general phases cosmetic cellulite treatment properly applied should include the following steps:

  • deep cleaning, which may be total (entire face) or partial and can be done with mitt or sponge abrasive polishing cream, shower gel not containing abrasive particles or even use corn flour mixed with cream or liquid soap.
  • application of treatment products that can be special cellulite serums, creams, lotions, gels, oils, muds, clays, marine products (algae) etc., all containing different combinations of substances that enhance the elimination of water, increase skin vasculature, determine the acceleration of lipolysis, detoxifies and moisturizes the skin. In general, these substances should stay in contact with the skin so it is useful for their application to associate a method of wrapping, possibly with elastic retainers where indicated.

After the removal of the wrapping products it is very important to apply an oily skin moisturizer or special oils with role in restoring the physiological lipid barrier. In this way sebum secretion is consistently limited.

If after repeated body scrubs creams are not applied, skin will be stimulated to produce excess sebum and gradually these mechanisms will be exhausted. Even after a shower or bath which uses active cleaning products that dissolve fats (all kinds of soap, shower gels, shampoo etc) is absolutely essential to use creams or lotions that must be fat, precisely to prevent excessive degreasing. Without these creams, skin loses its beneficial fats and water, and thus gradually appears chronic dehydration.

Although the treatment is very effective , however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Dry and wet saunas (Turkish baths) date from ancient times and were not long ago the only method of relaxation and body care. The benefits of saunas are easy to imagine, dry heat causes sweating of the body and eliminating the toxins and metabolic products in excess. This also drains various impurities from the skin producing an effective cleaning. Peripheral vasodilation produced is one of the main positive effects, dilatation of the entire circulatory system preventing atheromatous deposits.

Alternating warm and cold shower causes sudden changes in the arterial system size and efficiency and is a form of "training" vascular motility.

Also the very dry climate in these saunas allows the body to withstand temperatures of up to 80° C without burn injuries occurring, external or internal - airways.

Dry saunas are the best in terms of heating efficiency. The efficiency of an application of cellulite cream is high after sauna.

Wet sauna involves creating an atmosphere of water vapors, the temperature of which is lower than in the dry sauna but with higher efficiency in terms of skin hydration.

Turkish baths or wet sauna is indicated for those with dehydrated skin and dry sauna for those with oily skin. It is required then to be applied an anti-cellulite cream, moisturizing and nourishing, preferably also an oily emulsion in the water.

Both types of saunas are indicated in the condition of cellulite, dry sauna with greater efficiency in forms of cellulitis associated with obesity.

It has the role of maintaining a longer period of up to one hour of contact with the active substances used and thus potentiate their effect. Wrapping can be hot or cold.
Hot body wraps

Hot wrapping involves the use of electric heating blankets, mini-sauna etc. that are designed to increase and maintain higher skin temperature. The absorption of active substances used in packing is enhanced .

The temperature to which heating is practice is 39-40° C. I should mention here one aspect of mini-sauna. In the case of only segments which fit parts of the body (abdomen only or just thighs) their effectiveness is questionable.

If mini-sauna is introduced to the body and the head is left out add a significant hazard. Heating up to 40° C or more may cause the to increase the skin capillary blood supply and, very importantly, to determine migration in peripheral blood circulation at the expense of the areas left out of the sauna, namely the head.

There is a danger that the cerebral vasculature will be insufficient for these reasons and the risk of developing transient strokes. This risk is even greater as the introduction of mini-sauna is not done in decubitus (lying down) but keeping the head in an elevated position. The heating temperature may be significantly higher than in an electric blanket.
The safest are total saunas, those little rooms where atmospheric warming produced by different methods. Usually it is good that in these saunas we stay seated on a step closer to the ground and avoid lying down. In this way we avoid extreme temperatures that usually form in the higher areas of the sauna and the phenomena of vertigo or dizziness that can occur due to a decreased blood supply to the brain when you get up to get out of the sauna.
Cold body wraps

Cold wrapping involves the use of substances with a strong revulsive character (dilates peripheral vessels, similar to heat only more limited to the area you applied the product) and then applying various cellulite active ingredients. Packing is usually mild or moderate with elastic retainers using multiple elastic wraps and can be done completely or only partially on the affected segments.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Endermology is a physical process of reducing cellulite massage techniques using a mechanized vacuum. This technique was imagined and developed after more than 20 years in France by Louis-Paul Guitay (LPG ®) which was originally used to treat post combustion scars, thus becoming more elastic and thinner. Subsequently were observed beneficial effects on cellulite and is used in aesthetic treatments.

Is composed of a handheld device, consisting of a terminal hole vacuum suction pump and two rollers that are mobile and that role on the body, mobilizing the manual on a different area of treatment and producing an intense and deep massage of tissue simultaneously with sequential or continuous suctioning it.

The tissue this technique produces a structural and mechanical stimulation of fibers connecting the skin component that causes beneficial changes to their biochemical and structural.
The mechanisms of LPG endermology are:

- direct tissue action
  • stimulates the fibroblasts which increase the synthesis of structural fibers. Structural fibers and connection quality, elasticity, plasticity and strength depends in very large measure the activity of fibroblasts. Experimental studies in pigs whose skin is closest in structure to the human showed that after the endermology treatment the collagen fiber content in skin increases by 27-130%, depending on their age and location of the treated areas.
  • has beneficial effects on the adipocyte lipolysis phenomena, namely the use of adipocyte fat as an energy source for the current needs of the body and therefore reducing overall body fat. The main mechanism through which these influences are produced is increasing the amount of blood that infuse the skin structures. Adipocytes have connections with autonomic nerve fibers that regulate lipolytic activity. Beta-blockers inhibit lipolytic activity that is gaining favor adipocyte volume with consequent accumulation of fat.
  • after just 15 sessions of endermology there is a noticeable skin rejuvenation . This translates into increasing the amount of collagen in the dermis, the epidermis is toned and there is an increase in the thickness, the skin becoming more elastic and resistant.

- blood circulation and lymphatic action
  • blood circulation is accelerated after each session of endermology. Increase blood perfusion lasts 4-5 times longer after each session. 
  • venous return and this is accentuated after each session of endermology, 2-3 times and lasts about 6 hours.
  • lymphatic circulation is accelerated up to 3 times and lasts 3 hours after each session of endermology.

Body movements and each segment are coordinated by specific sensory information gathered by receptors found in the skin. Their repeated stimulation will increase the accuracy of the information collected and transmitted by the nerve centers, improving coordination of movements and sensations.

The treatment itself should contain 10-20 endermology sessions. A session lasts 35-45 minutes and their frequency, at least at the beginning of treatment, should be 2-3 per week.

Each session must consist of two essential parts, namely:
  • massage of the whole body or so-called "heat massage" 
  • actual therapeutic massage focused on the problem areas. 
  • the second sequence of each endermology session may be distinct or be interlocked.

Heat is carried throughout the body by applying several endermology techniques with the role of mild stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic average. It is incorrect to apply only the endermology massage to certain areas of the body. Total circulatory stimulation must be enabled in order for the the blood oxygenation and purification to be full.

Massage therapy itself includes special maneuvers with a role in modeling and redistribution . One treatment session should treat just the problem area (thighs, buttocks, abdomen etc.)

If we are dealing with a more extensive cellulitis we have 2 options:
  • either increase the treatment sessions but no more than 45 minutes and try to cover two problem areas. Three sessions per week are indicated, the maximum total number of sessions being 20. Alternating areas to be treated is needed so as to obtain maximum yield. The treatment program of up to 20 sessions can be followed by monthly maintenance sessions.
  • treatment centers that already have experience can provide complex remodeling programs. Experience is important in this field as in any other, the technique itself has its limits but juggling the frequency and duration of treatment sessions and other programs available, usually incorporated in the same unit (such as program against skin drooping or lymphatic drainage, relaxation massage or toning), we get very good results. Endermology, in the hands of an experienced therapist, has an undeniable value in the fight against cellulite.

Other uses of endermology:
  • is the only "fitness" for the skin, a very effective method of stimulating the skin's elasticity. There is a special protocol for drooping skin, treatment sessions are not as frequent as for cellulite and the treatment must be sustained.
  • effective lymphatic drainage, endermology lymphatic drainage practically almost completely replaces the old method of manual lymph drainage.
  • nonsurgical facelift and modeling areas with excess adiposity or fallen skin on the face and neck.
  • modeling immature scars. Generally scars show an active phase in their evolution, in which organizational processes are active, usually lasting 6-12 months. It can sometimes take more than two years. In the scars evolutionary phase, scars are red and modify their consistency, volume, dimensions and permanent structure. It is the ideal time to intervene through specific physicochemical techniques. The next evolutionary stage starts once the scar inhibiting process reshuffles. Scar of mature stage turn whitish. In this phase we can not be actively intervene on the scars.
  • endermology massage associated with liposuction is highly effective. Endermology contributes greatly to obtaining superior results. Massage sessions are aimed strictly at problem areas, treatment can start 2 weeks after surgery and it is performed only by trained medical personnel. Edema and ecchymosis (bruising) inherent in such interventions disappear much faster and a much improved uniformity is achieved.
  • endermology can be used to prevent or treat capsular contracture interventions and may be associated with breast implants. It is helpful for any patient who has had a breast augmentation surgery with breast implants to have endermology sessions immediately after the surgery.

Good results depend also on the use of correct equipment, the quality of staff training is also of major importance. An accurate clinical diagnosis is certainly required for the best therapeutic approach in any pathology. To do this it is helpful to consult a doctor.

Although the treatment is very effective , however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results !

Massage is an art. Actually means to establish a "feeling" between the hand of the specialist and the patient's tissues, which should not be handled with violence or trauma, but stimulated and relaxed.
A well done massage should relax the body and mind, increase temperature by activating microcirculation, favoring interchangeable, to eliminate excess fluid accumulated and sadetoxifice tissues. In some cases you also have to tone the fascial-muscular system and rebalance functionality ligaments. A massage of the whole body should always be designed to have a sedative effect and at the same time produces a beneficial reflex on all body functions. It must not cause congestion of the massaged regions and no tissue damage. Deep massage must be customized easily and intelligently done to promote aesthetic improvements of cellulite without causing tissue damage.
Manual cellulite massage

Manual cellulite massage is subject to all rules of the classic "Swedish" massage, just as intense maneuvering, but quicker so as to obtain a greater activation of the blood supply to the skin. The best massages are with natural aromatic oils but if you wish to limit the cellulite then creams can be used to massage the fat or cellulite. The massage can target only the affected areas or be total. The succession of hot bath or sauna - peeling body scrub - massage with anti-cellulite creams, packaging and fully complying with the rules of the anti-cellulite treatment seems to give the best results.

Another attribute of the massage is the possibility of association with reflexology maneuvers, acupressure, shiatsu etc. as well as to nourish and hydrate the skin.
Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage works on acupuncture points and proves extremely beneficial for psycho-physical recovery, but this massage requires a typical oriental lifestyle, or at least a way of life as close to it as possible. I have often seen patients after a shiatsu massage, complemented with external and internal detoxification, eat fries and hamburgers.

Any person with a health condition is right for this type of massage. Contraindication are for the people with chronic skin diseases, serious cardiac, renal, pulmonary etc. illness.

Knowing how to do massage is an art, and especially science, which is why massage should be done by trained people.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Reflexology has an important role in complex body remodeling therapies. Reflexology is the massage of the reflex zones of the body to increase functionality and rebalance its systems.

The human body has several reflex areas, areas that can access virtually all body organs and systems. Each has nerve stimulation in these areas so that the points corresponding to each device or organic system will cause a reflex response. The most important areas are the palms and soles reflex, secondary the ear and the nose.

By applying reflexology deep relaxation of the body can be achieved, inhibiting hunger centers with consequent decrease in food consumption, rebalancing the metabolic rate, hormonal and sleep-wake rhythm. Also reflexology may enhance the elimination of toxins and water from the tissue. Reflexology can "diagnose" minimal functionality disorders or organ systems, thus drawing attention to the need of presenting to the doctor for these types of pathologies.

Reflexology is a treatment in itself , but a very useful adjunct and installation method of preventing disease. It is practiced by qualified and trained staff. Courses are required every 12 to 20 sessions, daily, with a frequency of at least 3 times per week sessions which usually takes 30-50 min.

After the first treatment sessions existing disorders are exacerbated, ie more troublesome insomnia, hunger etc. After 5-6 sessions you will begin to feel the first positive effects, effects that stabilize and become permanent at the end of therapy. Treatment course may be repeated 2 times per year.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Aromatherapy is the inhalation, ingestion or skin application of fragrances with the effects of the various that can be relaxing, cleansing, stimulating, toning and even therapeutic. Use essential oils obtained from macerated plant, simple or mixed and indicated both lightweight and functional rebalancing in the prevention or treatment of existing disease.

Aromatherapy methods of application are:
  • scented candles
  • aromatherapy lamps, individualization and flavors can be combined. It is mainly used in offices and specialist help in getting a favorable environment for the development of massage therapies, reflexology and more.
  • aromatherapy baths consisting of adding water bathed in aromatic essences.
  • aromatherapy packaging which involves natural flavor packed products, clays or other products. Mentioned that only some of the products are suitable for flavoring packing namely the odorless , as many have already prepared a strong and persistent odor that can not be countered by aromatherapy.
  • aromatherapy massage involves the use of aromatic essences scenting massage oils. These can be natural or mineral oils, the healthiest being natural like olive oil, grapeseed, almond, etc. Usually a shower is indicated before the massage and not after, as to obtain maximum benefit, aromatic oil must remain in contact with the skin.
  • intake by adding 2-3 drops of aromatic essences to a glass of water or a cup of tea at room temperature.
  • vaginal washing with fluid with a few drops of aromatic essences.
  • enema with added aromatic essences in the colonic washing liquid.
  • application on the skin of bandages with aromatic essences.

Aromatherapy recommendations:
  • Dislocations: Eucalyptus
  • Lack of muscle tone: lemon grass , black pepper, lavender , rosemary
  • Anxiety: basil, bergamot , thyme , chamomile , juniper , lavender
  • Depression: basil, bergamot , sage purified
  • Irritability: lemon , sage , chamomile , cypress
  • Nervous tension (anxiety): basil, bergamot , sage purified , chamomile , geranium
  • Neuralgia: eucalyptus , chamomile , geranium , lavender
  • Stress: juniper, cedar , rose
  • Cellulite: anise , juniper , lavender , rosemary , ivy , ylang -ylang
  • Fluid retention: eucalyptus , sage , juniper , geranium
  • Asthma: basil , lemon , sage , thyme
  • Bronchitis: basil, bergamot , eucalyptus , lemon , sage
  • Cough: eucalyptus , thyme , black pepper, cypress , lavender
  • Influenza: eucalyptus , lemon , sage , thyme , chamomile
  • Hiccups: basil , anise
  • Hair Loss: burdock , sage , thyme , lavender , rosemary
  • Peeling skin: lemon , chamomile , geranium
  • Acne: lemon , chamomile , juniper , lavender , yarrow
  • Allergy: chamomile , jasmine , rose
  • Broken capillaries: lemon , chamomile , cypress
  • Bruising: sage, anise, hyssop , marjoram
  • Dermatitis: sage, chamomile, hyssop , geranium , juniper
  • Herpes: bergamot , eucalyptus , lemon
  • Oily: bergamot , lemon , cypress , geranium
  • Psoriasis: bergamot , lavender
  • Sunburn: lavender , chamomile
  • Gout: basil , chamomile , anise , juniper , pine , rosemary
  • Sweating: bergamot , sage , cypress , pine
  • Anemia: lemon , thyme , chamomile,
  • Hemorrhoids: cypress , juniper , yellow
  • Hypertension: sage, lemon , lavender , marjoram , izmusoara , ylang -ylang
  • Hypotension: thyme, hyssop , rosemary
  • Lazy lymphs: sage , lavender , rosemary
  • Varicose veins: lemon , cypress
  • Constipation: black pepper, anise, hyssop , marjoram , rosemary
  • Diarrhea: eucalyptus , sage , chamomile , cypress
  • Diabetes: eucalyptus , lemon , geranium , juniper
  • Flatulence: basil, bergamot , sage , anise , hyssop , juniper , lavender,
  • Gallstones: bergamot , eucalyptus , lemon , peppermint , rosemary , pine
  • Indigestion: basil, bergamot, lemon grass , sage , thyme , black pepper, chamomile, anise, hyssop , juniper , lavender
  • Liver: lemon , sage , peppermint , rosemary
  • Stomach pain: bergamot , lemon , chamomile , anise , lavender , mint , rosemary
  • Nausea, vomiting: lemon , anise , lavender , mint
  • Cystitis: bergamot , eucalyptus , black pepper, anise , juniper , lavender , pine
  • Diuretic: sage , cypress , fennel , hyssop , juniper
  • Kidney stones: lemon , anise , geranium , hyssop , juniper
  • Headache: lemon , eucalyptus , chamomile , lavender , mint
  • Migraine: basil , eucalyptus , chamomile , lavender , marjoram , izmusoara , mint , rosemary
  • Sinusitis: basil , eucalyptus , lemon , lavender , peppermint , pine
  • Neck pain: bergamot , sage purified , eucalyptus , lemon , sage , geranium , lavender , sandalwood
  • Irregular menstruation: basil , sage , chamomile , anise , lavender, izmusoara , mint
  • Leucorrhea: bergamot , eucalyptus , geranium , hyssop , juniper , lavender , marjoram , rosemary
  • Ovarian disease: bergamot , chamomile , sage
  • Sterility: geranium, izmusoara , jasmine
  • Vaginal irritation: bergamot , chamomile

Although treatment is very effective, however 1% of patients do not achieve desired results!

Over the years the skin suffers several transformations, among which the most annoying seem to be losing tone. The skin of the entire body suffers due to lower amount of elastin and decrease the amount of collagen , as well as change its structure over time.

Variations in the body mass cause speeding the occurrence of these phenomena.

Intense and lengthy exposure to UV is another factor leading to the degradation of collagen in the skin, this premature aging. Eating unattended, high fat and food additives and lack of physical movement in time lead to loss of skin elasticity. Exploding abdominal pregnancy period feature lowers skin tone at this level, structural fibers can tear skin and stretch marks appear.

Treatments are non-medical and medical. Tonifian massage performed in a more sustainable pace and continually improves the appearance of skin and prevents skin- lowering turgor.

Endermology massage is very effective. Endermology is the only technique of "fitness" of the skin. This type of massage, as well as any toning massage increases vascularization of the skin and stimulates the production of structural fibers. It requires a sustained treatment, several months or even years, without having to carry a lot. After an intensive course of treatment, 3 times per week, for 2-3 months, it takes two monthly maintenance sessions.

Packaged in cosmetic active is another effective method to increase skin tone. Usually these meetings are preceded by peeling body peeling sessions to get an intense exfoliation so active products to penetrate as profund. Lipolysis, dry sauna are other ways to revive the skin. The best results are obtained by combination of several types of treatments. The combinations are customized and are obtained according to the characteristics and needs of each patient.
The treatments are not painful and the duration depends on the severity of disease and age of patients.

Surgical methods are toners which the excess of skin excised. These methods can be applied to areas where it is easy to "hide" the scars postexcizionale. Abdominoplasty is removing excess skin from the abdomen, the resultant scar is located in the pubic area. Lifting the thighs is excision of excess skin from the thighs and the scars are hidden most commonly in the groin and inner thigh area. Lifting the arms is excision of excess skin on the arms and the resulting scars are hidden in the armpit and the inner arm.

Although treatment is very effective , however 1% of patients do not achieve desired results!

Stretch marks represent unsightly skin "cracks" in the form of whitish or reddish lines, usually parallel, on areas such as the buttocks, thighs, abdomen etc.

Stretch marks can be final (mature, stopped evolving) or evolving (immature, young, still evolving). Initially they are immature, reddish, easily influenced by specific cosmetics and non-medical treatment techniques.

After about 6-8 months, they mature and become final. In the case of final stretch marks the treatment is local chemical peels, medical or surgical micropigmentation procedures, excision of the affected skin to the extent that these are the areas excised.

Treatment is determined based on the individual patient sometimes combinations of several types of therapies being indicated. Chemical peels remove the superficial layers of skin with a large number of stretch marks. Results by this method are represented by a softening of the unsightly appearance in a proportion of 50-70%.

The healing period after a definitive local treatment is about two months, during which sun exposure of that area is prohibited. Treatment can be applied to any area of ​​the body covered with hairless skin.

Substances used are acidic. The treatment does not require anesthesia because it is not very painful. It might be a local burning sensation after applying the acid, sensation which lasts 10 minutes and is attenuated by a medical ventilator.

Later, in the next 7-10 days after treatment, the area is gradually covered with a blistered crust. Do not pull the scabs to hasten the peeling! This can lead to scarring!

Throughout the healing period creams your doctor indicated should be used. Once cleaned the crusting surface of the skin has areas of different colors, is very sensitive to UV exposure and must be protected and cared for constantly until complete healing occurs in two months.
Although treatment is very effective , however 1% of patients do not achieve desired results!

The term "cellulite" misused describes fat deposits beneath the skin held that creates the appearance of "orange peel" thereof. Cellulite results from the combination of fatty tissue - water retention. Occurs in women after adolescence period in 90% of cases with hormonal changes that occur, but it is more evident after the age of 30 years. Rarely occurs in men. Most often the areas with cellulite are the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and other areas where large amounts of fat beneath the skin is.

Care Zone offers the latest information on cellulite treatments and the opportunity to benefit from the most effective ways to combat it. We offer only treatments that have proven effective in clinics around the world.
Care Zone recommends and offers endermology as the primary cellulite treatment method. This technique was discovered in France about 20 years ago and was the first method to fight cellulite approved by the American "Food and Drugs" Administration.

Endermology is a patented technique involving a mechanical device with two adjustable rollers and the presence of a vacuum applied to the skin.

This non-surgical and non-invasive method produces a deep massage of the subcutaneous fat test, the movement of the rollers on the skin and creates a suction controlled and measurable.

This achieves an increase in blood and lymph circulation by 200%, reducing fluid retention and toxins.

To combat cellulite have acted on the following physiological factors, so that you can enjoy the zones through endermology:
  • Increased blood circulation and lymphatic 
  • Reduction in connective tissue 
  • Improving fat metabolism 
  • Stimulation of collagen 
  • Exfoliating skin

You need a number of sessions at regular intervals and the results will be obvious. Visible cellulite will diminish and skin tone and her look will be enhanced.

In our clinic endermology is linked to other treatments to achieve the best results in the fight against cellulite. These are lipolysis, refreshing Swedish massage, hot or cold wraps, reflexology and aromatherapy, dry sauna, fitness etc. The treatment combinations are adjusted according to the severity of cellulite and each patient characteristics (weight, age, height , etc) . At the direction of our specialists, cellulite treatment may be associated with surgical procedures (liposuction, thighs or tummy lifting etc), so that the final results to be optimal.

Cellulite has 4 degrees of severity, grade 4, the worst is practically very difficult to treat. Non-medical methods may yield a significant regression of cellulite severity from grade 4 to 3 or 2, which is a real win! Most times patients have a combination of different degrees of cellulite on different parts of the body. Originally cellulite occurs mainly on the back of the thighs, the area suffering the most lack of vascularization and oxygenation due to the seating positions. Later as we age cellulite extends to other areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms etc. .

Maintenance sessions should be held monthly, so the results are maintained over time.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why endermology? Does it really work?

It is a technology that was invented about 20 years ago in France.
Expanded in recent years worldwide, being considered at present the only method of cellulite treatment with real results.
How long does an anti-cellulite treatment session last?

A session lasts about 35 minutes. In practice general body massage, resulting in stimulation of whole body movement, with the elimination of toxins and excess fluid. The focus is on problem area. Treat one area, for example thighs buttocks or abdomen and waist, and arms.
Is anti-cellulite treatment painful?

No. The skin may react to the treatment by redness or slight swelling. These signs disappear in a few hours, in some cases within minutes. If the intensity of treatment is very high or in the case of very sensitive skin, these effects can persist for several days.
What sensation occurs after the anti-cellulite treatment?

Many customers report that they feel total relaxation followed at some time by an increase in energy levels. Both the lymphatic system and the blood are stimulated and will remove toxins and excess water. It is necessary that during the entire treatment to drink at least 2 liters of water per day to replace fluid losses.
Why is it necessary to wear the anti-cellulite costume?

Costume allows easy manual handling of the device body also ensuring optimum hygiene .
How many anti-cellulite treatment sessions are necessary for the first results to be visible?

The first results are visible after 8-10 sessions. It recommended a number of at least 15 sessions for optimal results , twice a week. More than 2 sessions per week will expedite results and will not improve. These meetings are a complete treatment.

After the treatment a monthly maintenance session is recommended, sometimes twice a month. Combination treatments are welcome in the case of more serious cellulite forms. A complex therapy session lasts about 2 hours. A complete cure of treatment lasts two or three months. Is the anti-cellulite treatment outcome final?

Treatment does not remove cellulite completely unless it is in stage I. stages of the cell can be reduced considerably higher , sometimes disappearing and that if it is not very "old" . Lifestyle and diet, hormonal medication , stress and exercise are factors that influence treatment outcome.

As maintenance sessions are practiced longer with both the results are better . Following anti -cellulite treatment complex is possible to look at 45 years better than 35.
It is possible that the anti-cellulite treatment will also produce weight loss?

No. There is no proven relationship between this treatment and weight loss . Advised to follow a diet during the treatment , and an exercise program to improve outcomes.
What is the anti-cellulite treatment effect on the skin?

Refreshing the skin, color and texture become more invigorated and smoother due to the peeling that occurs during the treatment. Also disappears the feeling of "heavy legs" due to decreased fluid retention in the periphery.

These treatments are contraindicated in cases of skin conditions like psoriasis, high capillary fragility, various infections etc. Endermology and liposuction

Endermology is recommended by many plastic surgeons as adjuvant in liposuction therapy interventions, both preoperatively with the effect of making it easier to mobilize fat aspiration and accelerating postoperative results.

Endermology has other applications in plastic surgery:
  • modeling immature scars 
  • Capsular anticontractura massage, this phenomenon is a complication of breast augmentation interventions implants 
  • nonsurgical facelift 
  • lymphatic drainage 
  • improving skin elasticity 
  • prevention of varices 

You can get rid of unwanted cellulite, turning to specialized services centers Zone.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Unwanted hair growth is a common problem both women and men. Many methods solve the problem temporarily. Razor hair removal, waxing, depilatory creams pluck or using temporary solution is to be repeated at regular intervals.

There are methods that can provide permanent hair removal. These are either less comfortable or painful, or cause damage to the skin. Electrolysis is painful method that requires extremely long period of treatment, the hair is treated and forefinger. Laser has the advantage of considerable reduction of treatment time, but having a working single wavelength can cause skin burns. This method is inflexible, unable to adapt to the particular conditions of each client.

Care Zone offers the latest information on permanent hair removal, and the opportunity to benefit from the most effective method of treatment known today for unwanted hair growth. We offer only treatments that have proven effective in clinics worldwide.

What Zone uses the pulsed light technology approved by the American "Food and Drugs" Administration as effective in permanent hair removal.
Unlike laser, which uses a fixed wavelength devices using pulsed light uses a bright interval is adjusted using filters that transmit energy to the skin controlled quantities. This versatility allows us to adapt the characteristics of light for each client, depending on skin type.

The pulses of light are selectively absorbed by the hair and its root passed under the skin. Absorbed heat pulses hair root and destroy it so that hair will not grow .
This treatment leaves intact area of skin.

The hair has several phases of growth, sometimes dormand under the skin for several weeks or months , so not all hair can be removed in one session . Required a total of several sessions at regular intervals for optimal results .

Based on years of experience in treatment Care Zone is able to introduce to you the guarantee to achieve desired results . To release this warranty customers are required to comply with the number of sessions and the recommended interval between them. Also all other indications provided must be followed exactly .

IPL hair removal is the only effective method of treatment for folliculitis (inflammation of hair root ) . This becomes very obvious and annoying after hair removal by plucking a hair root ( waxing , electric epilator , tweezer ) . By the final destruction of the hair follicle this disease completely disappears without trace , even after the first treatment session . Also solve the problem of hair growing on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is permanent hair removal? Will hair still grow after the permanent hair removal treatment?

The equipment we use is the most effective currently. It provides hair removal 75-95%, depending on the area and the number of sessions. Usually hair will not ever appear on the treated area.
Is permanent hair removal painful?

No. Sometimes the light "bites", especially in the hypersensitive areas.
Are there dangerous side effects to permanent hair removal?

No. The skin may react to treatment by redness or slight swelling. This signs disappear in a few hours, in some cases within minutes. If the intensity of the treatment is very high or in the case of very sensitive skin, these effects can persist for several days.
When will I see the first results of permanent hair removal?

After the first session the hair will begin to fall gradually over a period of about 2 weeks, then undamaged threads will grow again . The next meeting should take place in the first 4-6 weeks. Clearly visible results appear after the third session.
Why do I need several sessions of permanent hair removal?

Hair has a growth cycle consists of several phases: anagen - active growth phase , catagen - regression phase , telogen phase - phase dormanda . The hair that responds to treatment should be in the anagen phase.

Hair has different characteristics depending on the location, color, texture, growth cycles with different duration . Thus the hair on the thighs and the back has a growth cycle of 6-12 months, 5-7 months at the groin and the upper lip 4-6 months.

Treatment should be applied taking into account these differences. Approximately 10-25% of the existing wires on a surface at a point is in the anagen phase. Only they will be destroyed forever.
Is permanent hair removal an expensive treatment?

Considering that you can get rid of unwanted hair getting a permanent hair removal at the site up to 95 % , treatment is expensive. Considering also the time and cost of monthly visits to the cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to look perfect at special times , this treatment is very convenient.

There are similar equipment even use the same technology. What areas ' equipment is extremely efficient . One can make an analogy with the automotive industry . The equipment that you have equipped to perform permanent hair removal is the "Mercedes".

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
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