Body Care after Birth

During pregnancy and childbirth, the entire body's muscles are stretched and lose elasticity and sensitivity, changing a woman's body structure.

Patients suffering postpartum hormonal changes lose in the first two weeks about 5-8 kg, but the return to earlier weight and forms must be helped with exercise, physiotherapy and packages that include body reshaping therapy (because it can take several months to return to the previous shape) targeting the following objectives:
  • weight loss is accelerated with endermology massage, sauna, exercise or physical therapy.
  • skin elasticity is improved in the abdomen and thighs and stretch marks are treated by endermology and wrappings designed for your skin type.
  • body remodeling by endermology combined with massage and reflexology.
  • scalp treatment to prevent hair loss, a major problem during pregnancy in many patients. New mothers should be able to deal with an accentuated hair loss in the first 6 months after birth. That is until it the estrogen reaches normal levels. The remedy is the application specially designed masks with or without aminexil.
  • depression (postpartum depression) treatment - depression is seen in about half of women who have just given birth. However, feelings of insecurity, insomnia, irritability, burst into tears, overwhelmed feelings and mood shifting is normal. In what areas they are treated with counseling and music therapy.

After birth body care package are divided into several categories according to:
  • the patient's age
  • birth type (normal or C section)
  • the postpartum period (confinement)
  • the return of menstruation
  • breastfeeding etc.

Patient's age and type of birth have a very important role in the choice of treatment because if the patient is younger treatments can be more demanding. During pregnancy, treatments can be too intense and in the immediate postpartum period that follows the patients need a rest, especially in the case of a C-section birth.

Usually two months after birth is the ideal time to start intensive rehabilitation treatment. In the case of a C-section birth strenuous exercise for the abdominal muscles will be avoided. As more time passes from birth, a return to the pre-pregnancy shape is more difficult.
In the period of confinement - the period immediately following birt , which lasts six weeks, patients go to physical therapy to escape this period, and then begin a special program of body reshaping and weight loss.

Uterine involution lasts six weeks, the uterus involutes 1 cm/day. The abdomen and perineum muscles that were stretched during pregnancy and normal birth requiring rehabilitation exercises.

The return of the menstrual cycle is an important criterion in the choice of treatment because menstruation is often perceived as a major elimination of tension and toxins. Menstruation may occur from the fourth week after birth until the sixth.

Regarding breastfeeding, in the first days after birth, during the so-called "anger milk" period, treatment is not indicated because breasts are heavy and painful, but 2-3 months later we can begin remodeling the body and weight loss treatments even with a normal breastfeeding.
Medical records specific to each patient will note and take into account this aspect, so treatments performed at this time do not affect the breastfeeding function in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions
How fast can the after birth treatment be started?

Treatment can be started at 2-3 months after birth. If the patient has passed the first menstrual cycle after birth, she can begin any remodeling and weight loss postnatal treatment.
Do treatments harm breastfeeding or postpartum recovery?

As long as the treatment is under medical supervision it does not negatively affect breastfeeding. The practitioner responsible for the patient will previously consider improving milk quality and its flow, and low intensity movements and therapies.
How many kg can you lose in a month after birth?

The number of kg you can lose in a month of treatment can vary between 3 and 5 kg, depending on the number of kg gained during pregnancy, the patient's age, the number of tasks , breastfeeding etc. How long is the postpartum recovery treatment?

After birth packages can last between 2-3 months, sometimes longer, depending on the objectives we want to achieve. During these weeks the patient learns how to take care of herself and how to feed so as to continue the process of recovery after pregnancy at home. Sometimes it takes several sessions of treatment, two or three short but intense, so as to reach the desired results. Adherence is very important! What are the contraindications to the after birth body care packages?
Among the contraindications of these treatments are: the period of confinement, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, hypertension, bleeding disorders, inflammatory processes in the acute phase, diseases of tuberculous nature, malignancy, venereal diseases.
Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
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