Body detoxification

Detoxification is the internal techniques (diet, hydro-administration of vitamins and anti-oxidants, diuretics etc.) and external (peeling, body peeling, dry sauna, relaxation techniques, music therapy,, etc.).

Detox Diet

This method is applied in short-term diet and can be repeated several times per year. In general a 10-day detox diet is welcome, 2-3 times per year.

In this period only consume fruits and vegetables, many green vegetables, preferably raw, and completely eliminate meat, fried foods, eggs, fats, spices of all kinds, sauces and mayonnaise, seafood, drugs to the extent that is possible, smoking, coffee, alcoholic beverages, those that contain caffeine or synthetic and carbonated.

Allowed with natural juices of fruits and vegetables, preferably home cooking just by boiling or baking, are milk and yogurt, very weak type cheese, cottage cheese. Also indicated are seeds and oleaginous fruits, any almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts.

Detox diets must be associated with the consumption of at least 2 liters of water, herbal teas or green tea. Benefit associated with hydro-colonic or enemas, cupeeling total body sites with medium intensity exercise daily, relaxation therapy and sleep in abundance.

Dietary supplements are also welcome as long as they are natural, vitamin C , E and A, Green Tea Extrac , Echinacea, essential fatty acids, spirulina, royal jelly, herbal tea (chamomile, lime, hay, sage, dandelion, nettle etc).

The best time you can put into practice these indications are that leaves your mental peace and sleep are essential components in the success of this diet . You should try to remove around your any potentially stressful factor , to learn of some relaxation techniques are now available to everyone and apply them daily. If your psyche is quiet when effective detox diet will be high .

In Western European states there is laughter and relaxation sessions which consist of listening to audio tapes that are humorous parts combined with very cheerful music parties so relax and produce laughter . Sessions are one hour and experienced a resounding success because laughter is a form of relaxation and leisure very effective, negative energies and inner tensions are removed and psyche knows joy.

Other natural forms of relaxation that everyone you know and practice it may sometimes without recognizing their importance , are sleep , meditation in waking and sexual orgasm . Each of these have their well-defined , may be replaced with each other . Although in the end all this leads to relaxation and well being , the effects of these techniques are and otherwise, so that meditation can not be replaced by orgasm or somului meditation , just as any laughter relaxation sessions can not be replaced by somnoterapie.


The colon is an important organ of our body, the most important in terms of cleaning the body.

The colon has an important role in the absorption of fluids, electrolytes and essential vitamins, some of which are synthesized in the colon. When his functions are disrupted or slowed, it alters not only his ability to eliminate waste, but also destroy normal bacterial atmosphere at this level. This phenomenon is called disbioza and, once installed, can negatively influence the activity of many devices and systems in the body.

Depurative therapy represented the detox diet is often associated with Hydrocolonotherapy , which consists of a therapeutic technique in order depurarii intestinal immune system , an effect achieved through a controlled washes distal segment of the colon .

It is run by a small probe connected to a device that automatically and under medical control, enter and recover washing liquid consisting of water, natural substances and yeast.

Widely used in Western Europe, especially in the resorts and health clinics , the method allows a rebalancing of the normal intestinal flora of the colon and recovery functionality . This achieves the vacuuming debris present in the walls, a "clean" bacterial and immune stimulating.

The first result, already visible after a session is to improve skin quality, reduction to extinction phenomena bloated, lost the feeling of "heavy legs", plus a general state of bine.Hidrocolonoterapia is recommended in the treatment of early stages of cellulite , especially to people affected by intestinal disbioza.

Usually are four to five times per year, therapy lasts about an hour and does not cause any physical discomfort.

Because in our country there are few centers equipped with such devices, Hydrocolonotherapy can be done at home , without the need for medical examination by well-known practice enemas . Their efficiency is reduced due to the reduced pressure jet washing liquid but may be sufficient if this method is associated with the administration of a medication that increases bowel movements and speeds up the release content.

Theories of the intestinal walls there deposits "petrified" of food debris, "as old as the world" are quite exaggerated. In the case of a body with satisfactory state of health and with normal bowel functioning such " petrification " no . Even in cases of chronic constipation or bowel malformations calcification phenomena can occur intestinal content , these situations are very special , very rare and the object of activity of medical specialties. These pathologies can not find any way to resolve primordial sihidrocolonoterapie but enemas often require surgery.

Hydrocolonotherapy and enemas were first wash and reimprospatera role of intestinal flora and less role hauler . By repeating this technique atmosphere saprophytic bacterial colony will have optimum regeneration , thus absorption and purification processes will function normally , and especially vitamin K vitamins will be synthesized again at this level , and the " threshold "against intestinal absorption of toxins power is restored and running.

To achieve maximum efficiency in the absence of special equipment for washing colon by enema should be practiced Hydrocolonotherapy morning after evacuation of waste products through defecation in advance may be associated medication that increases peristalsis , medication administered at bedtime to be effective morning chosen for colonic therapy . "Cleansing" of the colon should be followed for at least 8 hours of " fasting " and then resume the diet increased intake of yoghurt for the next two days .

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

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