Body Toning

Over the years the skin suffers several transformations, among which the most annoying seem to be losing tone. The skin of the entire body suffers due to lower amount of elastin and decrease the amount of collagen , as well as change its structure over time.

Variations in the body mass cause speeding the occurrence of these phenomena.

Intense and lengthy exposure to UV is another factor leading to the degradation of collagen in the skin, this premature aging. Eating unattended, high fat and food additives and lack of physical movement in time lead to loss of skin elasticity. Exploding abdominal pregnancy period feature lowers skin tone at this level, structural fibers can tear skin and stretch marks appear.

Treatments are non-medical and medical. Tonifian massage performed in a more sustainable pace and continually improves the appearance of skin and prevents skin- lowering turgor.

Endermology massage is very effective. Endermology is the only technique of "fitness" of the skin. This type of massage, as well as any toning massage increases vascularization of the skin and stimulates the production of structural fibers. It requires a sustained treatment, several months or even years, without having to carry a lot. After an intensive course of treatment, 3 times per week, for 2-3 months, it takes two monthly maintenance sessions.

Packaged in cosmetic active is another effective method to increase skin tone. Usually these meetings are preceded by peeling body peeling sessions to get an intense exfoliation so active products to penetrate as profund. Lipolysis, dry sauna are other ways to revive the skin. The best results are obtained by combination of several types of treatments. The combinations are customized and are obtained according to the characteristics and needs of each patient.
The treatments are not painful and the duration depends on the severity of disease and age of patients.

Surgical methods are toners which the excess of skin excised. These methods can be applied to areas where it is easy to "hide" the scars postexcizionale. Abdominoplasty is removing excess skin from the abdomen, the resultant scar is located in the pubic area. Lifting the thighs is excision of excess skin from the thighs and the scars are hidden most commonly in the groin and inner thigh area. Lifting the arms is excision of excess skin on the arms and the resulting scars are hidden in the armpit and the inner arm.

Although treatment is very effective , however 1% of patients do not achieve desired results!
Suna Acum