Breast enlargement silicone implants breast augmentation

If you want your breasts to be bigger, full of volume or have a more youthful look, this surgery is probably the best solution.

Known also as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that uses breast implants to restore the natural shape of your breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is breast enlargement with silicone implants (breast augmentation) indicated in my case?

Women who use this type of surgery want to “fix" deficits in this part of the body and thereby improve their self-image. Some people just want to balance breast size, others to restore their natural volume after pregnancy or weight loss. If you have any of the following, it means you are a good candidate for breast augmentation:
breasts too small
changed size and shape of the breasts after weight loss
breast firmness loss after birth
clothing covers the lower half of the body well but is usually too large on the chest
difference in size between the two breasts
Patients must meet the following requirements to qualify for this intervention:

If you are young, breast growth must be complete

You must be emotionally mature and understand perfectly the motivations for which you want this surgery
Your expectations need to be realistic, knowing that this operation brings improvements but not perfection What does the first consultation for breast enlargement with silicone implants (breast augmentation) consist of?
This is the first step that future patient must make. During this meeting, your surgeon will evaluate your physical, mental and emotional health. You should be prepared to answer questions about:

surgery history
past or present illness
medication you take, including herbal remedies or supplements
the results of mammograms, if any
history of breast cancer in your family
Your surgeon will explain to you the procedure and how internal and external factors can change the shape of the breasts. The breasts will be examined and probably shoot for the clinic medical records. Breast size and shape, skin quality, location of the areola and nipple will be considered.

If you have not done a recent mammogram, it is recommended you do one before the surgery. Your surgeon may suggest you other additional procedures in order to improve the results. For example, if your breasts are sagging, breast augmentation can be done in conjunction with a breast lift procedure.

What does the breast enlargement with silicone implants (breast augmentation) surgery consist of?

The surgical technique used by your surgeon depends on the results you want. The incision can be located in three different places: in the mammary groove, periareolar, or in the axilla. The "pocket" where the prosthesis is inserted can be done behind the pectoral muscle in contact with the rib grid or, respectively, behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle.

What are the risks of breast enlargement with silicone implants (breast augmentation) surgery?

There are two types of breast implants: saline and silicone gel. Saline implants are history now. Modern implants contain cohesive silicone that does not leak and does not change shape. Silicone gel implants are very natural to the touch and are therefore preferred over saline.

Every year thousands of women benefit from this procedure without experiencing major complications. Your surgeon will provide you all the information about the risks and benefits of this procedure. It is advisable to follow all instructions given by your doctor regarding both the preoperative and postoperative period to minimize the risks.

How do I know what size of breast implants is right for me ?

The final consultation with your doctor should include a series of measurements after which he or she will indicate a maximum and a minimum size that would fit you. Also your doctor will recommend a shape for the implant, depending also on your preferences.

In our clinic a range of external sizers are made available for the patient, ie prosthetics placed in a special bra that can give the patient a relative but pretty close to reality perspective of the future breast.

How do I prepare for the breast enlargement with silicone implants (breast augmentation) surgery?

Once established the day of surgery, you will receive instructions regarding:

certain medications that should be avoided
stopping smoking
preoperative tests and investigations
The surgery is performed in an operating room under general or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. Immediately after the surgery you will be monitored in a special recovery room and your breasts will be bandaged with bandages or a special bra.

How will I feel after the breast enlargement with silicone implants (breast augmentation) surgery?

After a day or two, you will be able to get up out of bed and perform less demanding activities. You will feel discomfort like chest tightness and strong muscle soreness. Although each person heals differently, we can draw some general guidelines, as follows:

In the first week:

You have taken the first postoperative shower
You will be able to resume daily activities
You may resume sexual life as long as the breasts protected
After 7-8 weeks:
Most of the swelling will disappear and the final outcome will begin to shape
You can discontinue the non-stop use of the bustier
You may resume your more intense workouts and broad movements of the arms
After 8 weeks:
resume all the activities you did before the surgery
one thing should not be overlooked, namely soft, circular massage is indicated since week 3 must continue up to 6 months after the intervention. What do I need to know about the results of thie breast enlargement with silicone implants (breast augmentation) surgery?

Usually patients show a high degree of satisfaction. You will give up bras coupled with sponges or other artificial methods of breast enlargement. Most women find that their new figure grows their self-confidence.

The results last for many years, however remember that the effects of gravity, the body mass fluctuation and aging affect the operated breasts. After the healing period the patient should come back for more consultations with her surgeon so the long-term results can be measured.

How do I know if I have breast implants of the highest quality?

Your surgeon will present a series of implants he or she works with. Original implants show dentures and a serial number and are also marked with the producing company's logo. In the Care Zone clinic the doctors use the best brands, namely Mentor, Inamed, Sebbin, Eurosilicone.

The patient will receive a card with the serial number of the implants used, this card also represents the manufacturer's warranty.

After how much time should I change my breast implants?

The vast majority of these authorized prostheses are guaranteed for "life". What can not guaranteed by anyone is that the breast shape will be maintained over time. Breast shape is influenced by many factors, the most important being: multiple pregnancies, breast size, degree of elasticity of the skin, the type of daily activities etc.
Usually, in normal conditions, the breast shape keeps for a number of years (10-15) adter which it will probably require an intervention for breast lifting, during which most of the patients opt to change prostheses.

Although these treatments are very effective, 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
Suna Acum