Breast reduction

Mammary reduction is an intervention that greatly improves the quality of life in women with large breasts. Following this procedure you will not only achieve volume reduction but also shape improvement. Also, physical discomfort, mental and emotional disappears, you get a physical liberty of movement and freedom to choose a variety of clothes. Of all surgical interventions, mammary reduction enjoys the highest degree of satisfaction among patients.

The reduction is also called breast reduction mammoplasty (reduction) is a procedure to remove excess breast tissue, the breast size bringing proportion to the body; And areoles can be reduced and repositioned.

Frequently Asked Questions Is breast reduction indicated in my case?

This intervention can be performed at any age but the surgeon's recommendation is to wait until the breast has stopped developing. Birth and breastfeeding can affect breast size and shape. If you planned to have a baby in the future would be good to discuss this with your doctor
You are a good candidate for this intervention if you have one of the following problems:

Back pain, shoulders and neck caused by breast weight.
Heavily dumbbells (dropped) with areles and nipples set at a very low level.
The breasts are very bulky, disproportionate to the rest of the body.
Skin irritation in submammary ditch.
Deep traces left by the shoulder bra.
Restrictions on physical activity due to breast size and weight.
Mental complex created due to the increased breast size.
Differences in volume between the two breasts.

What Should I Know About Breast Reduction Risks?
Every year, thousands of women resort to this procedure with minimal complications. One of the most important parts of the consultation is the discussion of possible complications. It is advisable to strictly follow the advice of your doctor, both before and after surgery.
What are the preoperative indications for breast reduction?

Once the intervention day is established, your surgeon will instruct you both on pre-day surgery and on the following days:

Avoiding medications that can complicate the healing process.
Some blood tests, preoperative, and a mammogram are indicated if your family history contains breast cancer.

The breast reduction is done in an operating room under general anesthesia. You will be given a specific medication to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.
How will I feel right after the breast reduction surgery?
After the surgery has ended, you will be taken to a recovery room. In some cases you will be fitted with aspiration drainage tubes under the breasts to prevent fluid build-up. Your breasts will be dressed with an elastic bandage. Even from the day of surgery you will be encouraged to make some easy moves. The discomfort you will feel in the coming days will be controlled by proper medication.

Although each body heals differently, some general lines can be drawn:

In the first week:

You will resume the movement, sometimes you can even get back to work.
Drainage tubes will be removed.

After 7-8 weeks:

Echinases (bruises), edema and discomfort periodically disappear.
You can interrupt non-stop use of the conformator.
The normal sensitivity of areles and nipples is gradually improving.
You will resume normal daily activities as well as some medium intensity exercises
After 3-4 months:

Your breasts will get a more natural shape, the scars will begin to diminish.
You will notice the disappearance of pain in the neck, back and shoulders
What do I need to know about the results of breast reduction surgery?
The shape of the body will be well proportioned, the clothing will cover you better, you will be able to do physical activity more easily. Although the incision lines will be permanently visible, they will be alleviated with time and are easily covered with the clothing. Breast reduction usually dramatically improves the shape of the body and you may need some time to get used to the new look. It is expected that the new breast size will be maintained for a long time if you maintain weight at a constant level.

If time due to the effect of gravity and aging, your breasts will lose their firmness can call a procedure for surgical correction of aesthetics, namely a breast lift that will rejuvenate outline.

After the healing period you will have to go back for one month, three and six months, or whenever your surgeon asks you. It is important to follow these appointments so your doctor can evaluate the results in the long term.

Although treatment is very effective, however, 1% of patients do not get the desired results!
Suna Acum