Care Packages for Pregnant Women

The various changes that occur during pregnancy are hyperlordosis, known as "back pain", lower limb edema, water retention - swollen and painful legs, hair loss, anxiety etc. Untreated in time these changes can lead to major depression.

What Care Zone Urban Spa offers are the latest and most complete body care techniques for pregnant women. Programs designed by kinesiologists for pregnant women and mums are the perfect blend of complementary therapies as:

  • prenatal massage therapy to treat "back and leg pain"
  • lymphatic drainage to treat water retention in the legs
  • reflexology 
  • passive music therapy 
  • psychotherapy 
  • pre and postnatal medical gymnastics, properly applied, leading to rapid elimination of the discomfort during pregnancy. 
  • scalp treatment

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of massage during pregnancy?

Prenatal Massage Therapy is more than enough and pleasant during second and third trimesters of pregnancy, considering its numerous beneficial effects on the body:

  • relaxes back muscles (eliminating back pain)
  • improves lymphatic drainage and the improvement of circulation, especially in the legs
  • general muscle relaxation, eliminating stress.

  • relaxes back muscles (eliminating back pain)
  • improves lymphatic drainage and the improvement of circulation, especially in the legs
  • general muscle relaxation, eliminating stress.

What is prenatal gymnastics?

Medical gymnastics for pregnant women addresses second and third trimesters of pregnancy and consists in the psychosomatic (physical and mental) treatment for pregnant women, respiratory education, back pain prevention, circulation stimulation.
How long does a treatment session of body care for pregnant women last?

Each session varies between 90 and 150 minutes, depending on the trimester of pregnancy, your age, physical condition and the chosen program. Also such frequency ranges from one to three times per week .
What can be achieved through reflexology?

Reflexology (reflexology therapeutic massage) involves diagnosing, preventing and even treating certain diseases (stress, insomnia, migraines, obesity, constipation, bloating, cold hands and feet syndrome etc.) by stimulating the reflex points of the body which correspond to organs or structures of body aimed directly to reduce tension and stress (the main triggering factor of many diseases).
How long does a package of treatments for pregnant ladies last?

Treatment packages addressing the second and third trimester of pregnancy can be held throughout the pregnancy if health permits. A medical certificate is required every month or every two months to certify the health of the pregnant woman and fetus.
What effect does music therapy have on the pregnant body?

First music acts on the psyche, inducing a deep state of relaxation and stimulating body functioning. Even before we were born, about the 16th week of pregnancy, we were influenced by some internal noise, such as heart rate or blood flow, and by the outside influences .The body learned to react to the music and its elements - rhythm, dynamics, melody - and after birth it does so soo much more.

Voltage, pulse, respiration, sensitivity to pain, are all influenced by rhythm or specific wavelengths. Performing various tests, doctors found that the stress hormones, adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol may be lowered by 20% with a romantic music.

For example, women can more easily support labor pains if they listen to music, surgery patients require 50% fewer painkillers and have a much lower level of stress hormones.
What is the scalp treatment for pregnant women?

The scalp treatment consists in applying masks or natural tonic solutions on the scalp. These masks and solutions have the following objectives:
  • prevent hair loss
  • stimulate hair growth
  • feeding the hair roots
  • moisturize the scalp
  • stimulating blood flow at this level

In the composition of these masks are: ginseng, nettle, provitamin B5, components that oppose the process of collagen stiffening to preserve the suppleness and elasticity of the tissues surrounding the root of the hair,Aminexil (monoxidilul) to stop hair loss.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!


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