Tehnica delicata si migaloasa care nu lasa urme.

The microlipofiling technique addresses all facial or body areas that need extra volume. The technique involves the use of own fat to fill an area that needs extra volume. The fat is harvested from other areas, with excess adipose tissue, such as the abdomen, thighs, inner knee area, and is processed by washing and decanting.

By using micro-tubes for fat transplant, fat can be injected in the nazogenian ditches region, in the lips, the dark circles around the eyes, the malaria region and the gentian region (cheeks) in order to give skin a more youthful and tonic appearance. Usually, an over filling of the zones is done, if the patient agrees, knowing that 30-50 % of the transplanted fat will be reabsorbed in a few months time.

Another option is to repeat the procedure after 6 months to get a result as close to the desired one. The same technique is practiced for other areas of the body such as:

  • depressive scar correction
  • contour correction after breast augmentation surgery in the case of a very skinny patient, if the edges of the implant can be felt
  • buttock area augmentation
  • increase of leg circumference
  • lipo-sculpture in any area of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the healing period last after microlipofiling?

Immediately after the surgery there may be some light bruising that will disappear in a few days. Postoperative edema may also develop, giving the feeling that the area is more swollen than it should be. It is important that at least 3 weeks after the surgery no type of massage is done on the operated area, as it can lead to a massive fat resorption. There may be areas that are slightly asymmetric and small nodules under the skin can be felt. All these phenomena are normal and dissappear in time.

What are the risks of microlipofiling?

The risks of this surgery are unwanted bleeding and bruising. Although it seems an easy intervention, the internal structures can be damaged and it is important that this technique is practiced only by plastic surgeons specialized in this field, not in any way by dermatologists or other medical specialties!

Is microlipofiling a painful procedure?

The surgery is not painful, beeing done with with local or general anesthesia (if needed). Immediately after the surgery local cold applications and analgesics are indicated.

How will the area where fat was harvested from for microlipofiling be affected?

The area where fat is harvested from is most often represented by the abdomen and the incision is placed in the navel in order to minimize the visibility. The area where the harvesting was done can be covered by bruises that will heal in a few days.

Is there any visible scarring after microlipofiling?

Micro-injections are done using tubes that are no thicker than a syringe needle. Therefore no scars remain. If there are inherited disorders of wound healing, it is best to abstain from any kind of surgery.

What are the contraindications of microlipofiling?

The contraindications for this intervention are serious blood clotting disorders, severe skin diseases, consumptive diseases with cachexia, diabetes, serious infectious diseases.

After microlipofiling does the operated area need to be massaged?

Massage is an absolute indication after the microlipofiling interventions, if small "touches" are needed, but not immediately after the intervention. After about three weeks, if we want to model an area that shows asymmetry or excess, we can begin the massages. On larger areas that underwent microlipofiling, eg buttocks, massage is the technique used for smoothing the final result.

Although these treatments are very effective, 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

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