The Care Zone Clinic

All desires are respected

Care Zone is the place where your wishes are heard and respected. Many of you would would like to change or just to correct something in your appearance, you have been thinking about it for years, but you do not have the courage or the financial strength to make such a decision. Some of you do not dare to discuss the problem with a doctor, thinking that you will not be taken seriously, or feeling too embarrassed.

Do you think a nose too big or crooked, unsightly fat deposits that "round" certain areas of your body, breasts too large or too small or even unsightly hair covering areas it is not supposed to are not serious problems? Wrong! Think how invigorated you will feel when your problem has been solved, consider the tone and zest for life that you will have, and how it will affect your entire activity.

At Care Zone you will find the necessary understanding. Your desires and your problems will be treated with respect. Our attitude is different, we listen, we care, we help.


The privacy and the confidentiality regarding your treatments are rigorously maintained. Starting with our luxury location on 31st Banu Manta Blvd, continuing with the reception and waiting area, the private changing rooms, the individual treatment rooms, with showers and underfloor heating, and ending with our carefully trained staff, we want you to feel comfortable and not worry about this issue.

Kindness and honesty

By providing you with accurate information about the treatments and estimated results, by having a staff with a friendly and professional attitude, Care Zone offers services of the highest standard.

Care Zone offers the latest information on the treatments applied. You can benefit from the latest technology in permanent hair removal field and in treating cellulite and wrinkles through non-invasive methods. We offer only treatments that have proven effective in clinics worldwide. You will not find at Care Zone magic pills or devices of questionable effectiveness.

We pay special attention to the communication with our clients, informing them of all aspects that may interfere with ongoing treatments and any inconveniences that may arise.

The evaluation session involves in detail explaining of the data related to the desired therapy and possible side effects, determining the areas to be treated and the final cost of the treatment.