The Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

The Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, in a defined area of bone and fibrous structures. It is wrapped in a fibrous extension of the elbow joint that gives support and stability to the joints. ( see figure 1)

If the neuritis cubits the decompression is done at the elbow and the ulnar nerve is transpositional at this level in order to prevent recurrences. The causes of neuritis cubits are most often traumatic, but can also be obesity, pregnancy and menopause, chronic arthritis etc. The scar in this case will be positioned at the anterior of the elbow, at the ulnar boundary.

Symptomatology is superimposable to that of Guyon Tunnel Syndrome, more pronounced and with implications at the deep flexors of the fingers 4 and 5. In severe cases atrophy of the interosseous space 1 may develop (between the thumb and forefinger). Coupling strength decreases.

The treatment is conservative in moderate cases, consisting of elbow immobilization and local corticosteroids. The surgical treatment is for severe cases and consists of techniques for transposition of the ulnar nerve associated with the neurolysis.

Results depend largely on the type of injury, its severity and the time since its appearance.

Suna Acum