Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation

Our lips change shape and volume with the passage of years. Science also offers solutions in this sense, so today's glossy and bulky lips are fashionable, a sign of youth and full health.

Lip augmentation, also called augmentation cheiloplasty, is a procedure that may be surgical or not to increase its volume. There are other procedures for shaping and shaping edges as well as lip lifting
This process involves the use of a wide range of products, permanent or temporary injectables, lip implants, or even the use of your own fat. For lip augmentation use synthetic or biological products, or own tissue harvested and surgically reintroduced.

"Ideal" injectable product should be soft, foldable and permanent, not to cause complications to any patient. At this time, this is not possible. Doctors everywhere get remarkable results using the preparations that currently exist on the market. The latest research allows us to have more confidence in temporary injections. In this case, there are no significant adverse effects, and the latest products have a higher purity
Reducing the effect in time to disappearance is a good thing after all, if we think the fashion evolves very quickly. Massive weight changes alter the proportions between different face segments. In the case of a permanent implant, this unsightly aspect can not be easily corrected
Frequently Asked Questions What is an Injection?

Manufacturing companies provide users with volume replacement capsules encapsulated in disposable special syringes. This product is a synthetic or biological gel, based on collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc. (Collagen, Restylane, Perlane, Hylaform, Juvederm, Teosyal, etc.) What are the beneficiaries of lip augmentation?

People with low volume, asymmetrical lips requiring reconstruction, "fallen" lips, color differences, deep wrinkles due to advanced age, smoking, s.a.m. Is the augmentation of the lips a painful procedure?
Pain depends on the technique and the product. Implants can not be inserted without local or regional anesthesia. Injection products do not usually require surgery, surgery or general anesthesia. Oral light sedatives may also be given. What are the risks and complications of lip augmentation?
There is not much to do if we compare this technique with other methods of treatment. However, there is enough to consider them and try to avoid them. They depend on the type of product used. In the case of definitive implants, infection and irritation may occur if the implant edges are too large for the cavity or are uncoated. In this case, they are removed. Adverse effects caused by the implant or the production of excess scar tissue may result from an infection or the appearance of a rejection reaction in the body. Dystrophies may occur due to bruises or hematoma. Temporary or semi-transdermal injectables do not have adverse effects What are the contraindications of lip augmentation?
People who have the previous antecedents are not candidates for this method:

Accutane used 6 months before or after,
This medicine may increase the chance of developing cheloid,
Collagen disorders, scarring disorders, connective tissue,
Systemic lupus erythematosus,
Were acute,
Blood clotting problems,
Excessive oral plaque, dental abscesses, oral herpes
Although treatment is very effective, however, 1% of patients do not get the desired results!
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