Nutrition counseling

The main changes in the eating habits of the last decades tend to influence the feminine body, a body protected by its nature from energetic depletion and hunger, but risk being destroyed by abundance.

The most serious food error lies in the abandonment of plant foods In favor of the animals. The number of overweight people is steadily increasing.

Obesity and other related endocrinometabolic disorders tend to reach alarming odds. Lack of movement, excessive consumption of refined sweets and high-fat foods, as well as increased food content in preservatives, flavor enhancers and food additives, are the key determinants of eating disorders.
All of these conditions are supplemented by modern contraceptive methods that involve the daily ingestion of a certain amount of estrogen, which also contributes to weight gain and cellulite accentuation. Significant amounts of hormones of all kinds exist in the diet, hormones used for rapid growth of animals or plants, doubling crops and increasing farm profitability, all due to declining product quality and health.
The main foods for the human body are carbohydrates (carbohydrates), lipids (fats) proteins (amino acids), vitamins, mineral salts and water. These are irreplaceable. "We are what we eat." And I would add it as important as it is and how we eat. Some indications of food hygiene:

Do not eat vegetables and fruit. Their vitamin content is much reduced and, moreover, they develop dangerous toxins inside them; The same is true for rancid oil or any other ranged food.

Do not keep vegetables and green fruits in water more than they require washing them. Vitamin C, which is abundant in it, dissolves very quickly in water and a great deal is lost.
Do not eat potatoes if they show slate areas. They have in their constitution harmful substances that by accumulation damage our health.

Never use the same frying oil two or more times. Once the oil is hot, it can be used whenever it is needed, but if it has cooled, it does not need to be reheated. Oil toxins develop into oil that can accumulate can help promote cancers.

Do not use pans or pans made of aluminum or other metals to which the enamel is damaged. During food heating and boiling, toxic compounds that pass into food are released through these breaks.
Never consume a deformed preservative. Any small deformation of the can cause damage to the inside of the metal box so that small toxic metal particles pass into their contents.
Avoid smoked foods. Smoke contains potentially carcinogenic substances, substances that accumulate in smoked foods as well. Modern "smoking" methods are even more damaging; Consist of adding special additives that print their food to the smell and taste of the smoker. Avoid them! Smoking has long been a method of preserving meat and meat products for longer periods of time. At that time there were no freezer or freezer boxes. Likewise, jams, jams, pickles ... have all appeared in the desire to conserve food during long and cold winters.

2097/5000 785 characters over 5000 maximum: natatii si energiei vitale. Dietele agresive de slabit sunt necesare si utile pe perioade scurte de timp, de 2-3 saptamani si nu trebuie aplicate prea des. De doua ori pe an este maximul acceptat din punct de vedere al sanatatii organismului. Ceea ce trebuie sa primeze insa este insusirea si aplicarea regulilor de alimentatie sanatoasa, pe perioade cat mai lungi, evitarea abuzurilor de orice fel.

Cea mai importanta regula de alimentatie sanatoasa in viziunea specialistilor este respectarea celor trei mese pe zi, ultima fiind mai devreme de 19:00. Micul dejun este de importanta capitala in economia metabolica a organismului prevenind depunerile de grasime nedorite.

Desi tratamentul este foarte eficient, totusi 1% din pacienti nu obtin rezultatele dorite!
Have you ever wondered why there are no potato pickles? Because this vegetable lasts all winter and does not require sophisticated conservation methods. Or apple jam? Very rarely and only in the desire of variety. Normally apples do not require preservation because they can withstand long periods of winter, provided they are kept cold and not freezing.

Today it is easy for anyone to conserve food by refrigeration. Or even easier to buy them in this form. So foods keep most of their nutritional properties, do not require additives, preservatives, sweeteners, are healthy and fresh.

Do not eat undercooked heat. Steaks in the blood are an extremely easy way to get sick, the most common are parasites (tenie, trichinelosis, etc.). If it is completely cooked (boiled, steaked, baked), the risk of transmitting these diseases is minimal.

There are countless types of diets that are more complicated. Regardless of the type of diet we choose, one thing to remember is that balanced and varied nutrition associated with a normal and sustained life and physical activity regime is the most important secret in keeping your health and vital energy. Aggressive slimming diets are needed and useful for short periods of 2-3 weeks and should not be applied too often. Twice a year is the maximum accepted from the point of view of the health of the body. What should be top priority is to know and apply healthy eating habits for as long as possible, avoiding abuses of any kind.

The most important rule of healthy eating in the view of specialists is the observance of the three meals a day, the last being earlier than 19:00. Breakfast is of major importance in the metabolic economy of the body preventing unwanted fat deposits.

Although treatment is very effective, however, 1% of patients do not get the desired results!
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