Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling is particularly useful for patients who have unrealistic expectations from aesthetic surgery. Also, once the change is made you have to get used to the new look. Sometimes this process of adaptation needs to be supported by psychological counseling A greater or lesser change in your exterior can also bring about a change in your self-image. It can restore confidence in its own forces, it can give you more energy and life-giving pleasure. But this surgical "adjustment", attention, will not solve everyday problems or dramatic life situations you often face.

Sometimes the mirror of your soul is stubborn to show you the same way before you decide to change. You will find it disappointing that you have undergone a surgery if your expectations were unfounded.

The categories of patients in need of psychological support are:

Patients who are depressed and want this intervention to increase their self-esteem Patients who do these interventions at the request of their life partner Patients who want major changes, inconsistent with personal anatomy or age data.
Patients who are very scared of the possible outcome Patients who need more consultations and explanations,
patients for which the information on procedures has been detailed more than once

Patients who have been previously operated and who were dissatisfied with the outcome Patients who can not explain enough clearly what kind of improvement they want
The results depend to a large extent on the type of pathology, its severity and the time elapsed since its occurrence.
Suna Acum