Medical Tattoo (Micropigmentation)

Semipermanent medical tattoo is one of the most modern and effective methods of unconventional treatment.

  • correction of final scars and stretch marks, depigmentation of any kind
  • semipermanent tattoo of eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, eye shape etc.
  • jewelry semipermanent skin tatoo

Correction of depigmented scars by medical micropigmentation is a new method of treatment. Common tattoo inspired techniques yield a controlled "recoloring" of the problem areas. The same technique applies for mature stretch marks .

Lips contour, eyebrow definition, the eye shape, all are treateble now, in terms of absolute sterility, with a disposable needle and substances with a local anesthetic effect.

Tattoos of various shape and size are available for even the most conservative of us, due to their semi-permanent durability.

Details make the difference. We learn this from experience. We want to be special and unique at any time through details. Like a tattoo. We know you've always wanted a perfect body and a great accessory . Do you want to get a tattoo without a further risk and that you can change after about three years when you get bored of it. Call the professionals at Care Zone!

Frequently Asked Question

How many medical tattoo (micropigmentation) sessions are required to get the desired result?

In general, a single session is required, but the patient and will be asked to come back at an interval of three weeks from the date of treatment in order to assess the results.

How long this medical tattoo (micropigmentation) last?

Sustainability of the tattoo varies from person to person. There is an about 3 years warranty for a fresh look of the tattoo. After this period, the patient can return to have it redone to its refreshing color.

How long does a medical tattoo (micropigmentation) session last?

Each treatment session can last from several minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the treated area. As examples we have:

  • eyebrow tattoos can last 1 hour and 30 min .
  • a 2 cm scar tattoo can last 30 minutes .
  • the contour of the upper eyelid can take 30min.

Is medical tattooing (micropigmentation) a painful treatment?

The treatment is not painful because local anesthesia is used.

Are there contraindications to medical tattooing (micropigmentation)?

Contraindications to this treatment include severe skin diseases, blood diseases, severe infections.

What skin reactions can I expect after having done a medical tattoo (micropigmentation)?

Immediately after the treatment the area is red, favoring the appearance of crusts that will gradually peel of in a few days.

Do medical tattoos (micropigmentation) change color in time?

No! Pigments are produced only from natural products, which is why they end up being reabsorbed. Do not worry! The contour of your lips will not steer towards blue.

Is there a risk of disease transmission by medical tattooing (micropigmentation)?

No! This treatment, unlike most tattoos, respects the most vigorous rules of hygiene. Medical tattooing is not a risk because it is performed with a disposable needle in sterile conditions in a medical office, by qualified personnel.

Although the treatment is very effective , however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Suna Acum