Peeling – Body Scrub

Body scrub represents deep cleansing of the skin using special creams and / or abrasive sponges. The technique involves applying previously all abrasive creams on the skin surface followed by intense and prolonged massage as the sebum layer with scaling cells are removed gradually.

Any peeling technique must be followed by a mandatory application of active anti-cellulite moisturizing, nutritious creams and finally a fat cream to restore the skin's lipid physiologically film. Any active ingredient applied to the clean skin has a much better chance to penetrate deeply and be more effective.

The accompanying peeling massage increases skin vasculature and this is a net benefit in increasing penetrability of various substances in the skin.

In general phases cosmetic cellulite treatment properly applied should include the following steps:

  • deep cleaning, which may be total (entire face) or partial and can be done with mitt or sponge abrasive polishing cream, shower gel not containing abrasive particles or even use corn flour mixed with cream or liquid soap.
  • application of treatment products that can be special cellulite serums, creams, lotions, gels, oils, muds, clays, marine products (algae) etc., all containing different combinations of substances that enhance the elimination of water, increase skin vasculature, determine the acceleration of lipolysis, detoxifies and moisturizes the skin. In general, these substances should stay in contact with the skin so it is useful for their application to associate a method of wrapping, possibly with elastic retainers where indicated.

After the removal of the wrapping products it is very important to apply an oily skin moisturizer or special oils with role in restoring the physiological lipid barrier. In this way sebum secretion is consistently limited.

If after repeated body scrubs creams are not applied, skin will be stimulated to produce excess sebum and gradually these mechanisms will be exhausted. Even after a shower or bath which uses active cleaning products that dissolve fats (all kinds of soap, shower gels, shampoo etc) is absolutely essential to use creams or lotions that must be fat, precisely to prevent excessive degreasing. Without these creams, skin loses its beneficial fats and water, and thus gradually appears chronic dehydration.

Although the treatment is very effective , however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
Suna Acum