Permanent Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth is a common problem both women and men. Many methods solve the problem temporarily. Razor hair removal, waxing, depilatory creams pluck or using temporary solution is to be repeated at regular intervals.

There are methods that can provide permanent hair removal. These are either less comfortable or painful, or cause damage to the skin. Electrolysis is painful method that requires extremely long period of treatment, the hair is treated and forefinger. Laser has the advantage of considerable reduction of treatment time, but having a working single wavelength can cause skin burns. This method is inflexible, unable to adapt to the particular conditions of each client.

Care Zone offers the latest information on permanent hair removal, and the opportunity to benefit from the most effective method of treatment known today for unwanted hair growth. We offer only treatments that have proven effective in clinics worldwide.

What Zone uses the pulsed light technology approved by the American "Food and Drugs" Administration as effective in permanent hair removal.
Unlike laser, which uses a fixed wavelength devices using pulsed light uses a bright interval is adjusted using filters that transmit energy to the skin controlled quantities. This versatility allows us to adapt the characteristics of light for each client, depending on skin type.

The pulses of light are selectively absorbed by the hair and its root passed under the skin. Absorbed heat pulses hair root and destroy it so that hair will not grow .
This treatment leaves intact area of skin.

The hair has several phases of growth, sometimes dormand under the skin for several weeks or months , so not all hair can be removed in one session . Required a total of several sessions at regular intervals for optimal results .

Based on years of experience in treatment Care Zone is able to introduce to you the guarantee to achieve desired results . To release this warranty customers are required to comply with the number of sessions and the recommended interval between them. Also all other indications provided must be followed exactly .

IPL hair removal is the only effective method of treatment for folliculitis (inflammation of hair root ) . This becomes very obvious and annoying after hair removal by plucking a hair root ( waxing , electric epilator , tweezer ) . By the final destruction of the hair follicle this disease completely disappears without trace , even after the first treatment session . Also solve the problem of hair growing on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is permanent hair removal? Will hair still grow after the permanent hair removal treatment?

The equipment we use is the most effective currently. It provides hair removal 75-95%, depending on the area and the number of sessions. Usually hair will not ever appear on the treated area.
Is permanent hair removal painful?

No. Sometimes the light "bites", especially in the hypersensitive areas.
Are there dangerous side effects to permanent hair removal?

No. The skin may react to treatment by redness or slight swelling. This signs disappear in a few hours, in some cases within minutes. If the intensity of the treatment is very high or in the case of very sensitive skin, these effects can persist for several days.
When will I see the first results of permanent hair removal?

After the first session the hair will begin to fall gradually over a period of about 2 weeks, then undamaged threads will grow again . The next meeting should take place in the first 4-6 weeks. Clearly visible results appear after the third session.
Why do I need several sessions of permanent hair removal?

Hair has a growth cycle consists of several phases: anagen - active growth phase , catagen - regression phase , telogen phase - phase dormanda . The hair that responds to treatment should be in the anagen phase.

Hair has different characteristics depending on the location, color, texture, growth cycles with different duration . Thus the hair on the thighs and the back has a growth cycle of 6-12 months, 5-7 months at the groin and the upper lip 4-6 months.

Treatment should be applied taking into account these differences. Approximately 10-25% of the existing wires on a surface at a point is in the anagen phase. Only they will be destroyed forever.
Is permanent hair removal an expensive treatment?

Considering that you can get rid of unwanted hair getting a permanent hair removal at the site up to 95 % , treatment is expensive. Considering also the time and cost of monthly visits to the cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to look perfect at special times , this treatment is very convenient.

There are similar equipment even use the same technology. What areas ' equipment is extremely efficient . One can make an analogy with the automotive industry . The equipment that you have equipped to perform permanent hair removal is the "Mercedes".

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
Suna Acum