Psychological Counseling

Counseling is particularly useful for patients with unrealistic expectations regarding plastic surgery. Also, once the change is produced, the patients need to get used to the new layout. Sometimes this process of adaptation must be done with the help of psychological counseling.

A bigger or smaller change in your physical exterior can bring a change in your self-image. Self-confidence can give you more energy and make you feel alive. But this surgical "adjustment" will not solve the often dramatic problems you face in everyday life situations.

Sometimes your soul stubbornly mirrors the look you had before you decided to make the change. If your expectations were unfounded you could get disappointed and feel like you have undergone surgery for no good reason.

The categories of patients who need psychological support are:

  • patients who are depressed and want this surgery to increase their self-estimated
  • patients undergoing these interventions at the request of the spouse
  • patients who want major changes, inconsistent with their anatomical data or age.
  • patients who are afraid of the possible outcome
  • patients still needing more advice and information, patients for whom the informations was explained to more then twice
  • patients who underwent surgery in the past and were unhappy with the results
  • patients who can not explain clearly enough what kind of improvements they want

Results depend largely on the type of pathology, severity and time since its appearance.

Suna Acum