Relaxation Packages

Care Zone Urban Spa relaxation packages are also called "gift packages". These packages were created for people who want a few moments of complete relaxation or immediate physical recovery, both personally or for family or friends.

Relaxation packages are the perfect blend of facial and body treatments that are performed in a short time in order to obtain relaxation and feelings of well-being.

One of the advantages of buying this type of packages is that it allows you to enjoy the benefits of a body massage with a loved one in the same room at the same time. Another advantage would be that you could benefit from the "4 Hands" therapy massage or other treatment combinations. For example, while you enjoy an endermology massage on the face, your feet can enjoy the relaxation created by another therapist through reflexology massage.

The Care Zone Urban Spa relaxation packages are:
  • "Total Relaxation"(1h50min) - a harmonious combination between a body massage and reflexology, accompanied by a relaxing scalp treatment and hair regeneration, all to release physical and mental tensions accumulated during periods of overload.
    • scalp massage (30 min)
    • endermology face lift (20 min)
    • reflexotherapy ( 50 min)
    • massage (1h)
  • "Perfect Contur" (2h) - a deep massage, suckers, facial and body anti-cellulite treatment with toning properties, followed by cleansing of the skin by peeling and wrappings with enriched clay, gold, chocolate and seaweed. The treatment is detoxifying and nourishing for the skin. After about 10 to 12 sessions you may get a decrease of body diameter of several inches, the skin becomes soft and smooth.
    • endermology body treatment (35min)
    • endermology face treatment (15min)
    • face mask (5min)
    • peeling (1h) and reflexotherapy (50min)
  • "Soft Skin" (2h) - a perfect combination of body and facial massage, Swedish reflexology, detoxification followed by peeling and facial and body applications of enriched clay, gold, chocolate and seaweed, moisturizing and nourishing factors.
    • body massage (30min)
    • peeling (1h 30min)
    • reflexotherapy (50min)
    • endermology face massage (20min)
    • face mask (5min)
  • "You & Me" (1h) - allows you to enjoy the benefits of the body massage along with the desired person. The relaxation you feel is coupled with the one offered by this close person, while he or she receives the same treatment.
    • massage for 2 people 
  • "Care Zone" specially for women (2h50min) - relaxation massage and aromatherapy, body reshaping, toning and detoxification, all in a package designed for you, ladies.
    • body endermology treatment (45min)
    • massage and peeling (1h30min)
    • reflexotherapy (50 min)
    • endermology face treatment (20min)
  • “Care Zone” specially for men (2h50min) - muscle relief, relieve stress through special massage techniques, partial body peeling, reflexology. A special program for you, gentlemen.
    • aromatherapy massage and body peeling (1h20min)
    • sauna (15 min)
    • body wraps (30 min)
    • reflexotherapy (50 min)
    • endermology face treatment (25min)
    • face mask (20min)
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