Scalp massage

The biggest problem is the stress of modern life, and with it come many other problems, including health problems. Why not use simple and natural methods for significantly improving health and vitality? The hair must look great and for this needs to be cared for carefully. One of the most suitable ways to have healthy hair strands is scalp massage.

For this massage is very important not to use nails and the maneuvers to be executed with the fingertips with soft pressing movements from the head to the extremities and back.

Scalp massage can be very relaxing if you use essential oils. Orange oil combats insomnia, also having an euphoric effect. You can also use lemon oil, refreshing tonic, energizing, while preventing hair loss.

The masseur should start treatment with essential oil by rubbed his fingers. He uses both hands simultaneously, moving from the neck to the hairline. Continue with rapid movements, followed by short and soft movements.

The scalp massage ends with a soft pressed circular motion from the neck to the forehead line. We recommend a casual combing with fingers from root to tip. Towards the end of a massage session it would be ideal to apply a capillary mask.

This type of massage has multiple effects, from scalp muscle oxygenation, improving blood circulation and moisturizing the hair and scalp to a deep relaxation of the body. Also banishes nervous tension, relieving insomnia and headaches, while also stimulating hair growth.

Repeat the massage regularly to ensure the strength and shine of your hair roots and prevent dandruff and irritation.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
Suna Acum