Swedish Massage & Shiatzu

Massage is an art. Actually means to establish a "feeling" between the hand of the specialist and the patient's tissues, which should not be handled with violence or trauma, but stimulated and relaxed.
A well done massage should relax the body and mind, increase temperature by activating microcirculation, favoring interchangeable, to eliminate excess fluid accumulated and sadetoxifice tissues. In some cases you also have to tone the fascial-muscular system and rebalance functionality ligaments. A massage of the whole body should always be designed to have a sedative effect and at the same time produces a beneficial reflex on all body functions. It must not cause congestion of the massaged regions and no tissue damage. Deep massage must be customized easily and intelligently done to promote aesthetic improvements of cellulite without causing tissue damage.
Manual cellulite massage

Manual cellulite massage is subject to all rules of the classic "Swedish" massage, just as intense maneuvering, but quicker so as to obtain a greater activation of the blood supply to the skin. The best massages are with natural aromatic oils but if you wish to limit the cellulite then creams can be used to massage the fat or cellulite. The massage can target only the affected areas or be total. The succession of hot bath or sauna - peeling body scrub - massage with anti-cellulite creams, packaging and fully complying with the rules of the anti-cellulite treatment seems to give the best results.

Another attribute of the massage is the possibility of association with reflexology maneuvers, acupressure, shiatsu etc. as well as to nourish and hydrate the skin.
Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage works on acupuncture points and proves extremely beneficial for psycho-physical recovery, but this massage requires a typical oriental lifestyle, or at least a way of life as close to it as possible. I have often seen patients after a shiatsu massage, complemented with external and internal detoxification, eat fries and hamburgers.

Any person with a health condition is right for this type of massage. Contraindication are for the people with chronic skin diseases, serious cardiac, renal, pulmonary etc. illness.

Knowing how to do massage is an art, and especially science, which is why massage should be done by trained people.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
Suna Acum