My experience in your clinic has been positive, the staff were well trained, courteous, everything was as OK as it could have been

C.R., 26 y.o., 13.01.2015

I felt great and the staff but especially the doctor behaved very nice and I was well cared for

R.I., 26 y.o., 12.12.2014

Quality services

P.M., 45 y.o., 18.11.2014

Extremely satisfied

C.N., 42 y.o., 28.10.204


C.D., 34 y.o., 28.10.2014

High class medical services. Professionalism and courtesy from doctor Adina and the entire cllinic staff

S.L., 81 y.o., 26.09.2014

I was very happy with the treatments performed at the clinic, also with the result of the operation

O.A., 21 y.o., 16.09.2014

My opinion is entirely positive based on a physician extremely devoted, caring, available (dr. Adina Alberts) both before and after the operation. Also the clinic staff was always attentive, courteous and efficient. Thank you

I.I., 29 y.o., 04.09.2014

I have a high opinion of Mrs. Adina. I was very happy with the intervention performed by her

R.G., 30 y.o., 15.07.2014

Safe environment, inspiring reliability and professionalism at every level of contact required until now It is the first treatment, conclusions, assessments do not depend on the results that depend on the body. Professionalism

A.S., 60 y.o., 20.05.2014