My impression about Dr. Alberts and her involvement in what she does is very good and inspiring confidence. Thank you!

B.M., 35 y.o., 17.09.2013


G.A., 35 y.o., 10.09.2013


V.F., 46 y.o., 10.09.2013

I am satisfied with the information received, but I think they could have indicated more stongly other issues such as risks. Friendly staff, nice room.

B.S.M., 24 y.o., 05.09.2013

The Care Zone clinical services are impeccable. The staff is very attentive and prompt. After the second surgery, I can say I'm satisfied with the result.

T.C., 23 y.o., 03.09.2013

The services of this clinic were of the highest quality and all the staff is very nice and very competent. I highly recommend Care Zone Medical to everyone interested.

H.I., 38 y.o., 03.09.2013

I come to the clinic because I have great confidence in the staff.

I.T., 78 y.o., 03.09.2013

I am very happy with the services of this clinic. Everything is perfect!

D.L., 32 y.o., 03.09.2013


I.R., 31 y.o., 03.09.2013

The best care I have seen. A kind and professional staff.

R.S.M., 30 y.o., 05.09.2013