D.E., 34 y.o., 04.03.2013

I had three interventions in the period 2011-2013 and I am very happy with the outcome and service, including the availability to discount (trade issues) during the collaboration. I recommend to all my acquaintances Dr. Alberts clinic

R.S.M., 30 y.o., 05.09.2013

The best care I have seen. A kind and professional staff.

I.R., 31 y.o., 03.09.2013


D.L., 32 y.o., 03.09.2013

I am very happy with the services of this clinic. Everything is perfect!

I.T., 78 y.o., 03.09.2013

I come to the clinic because I have great confidence in the staff.

H.I., 38 y.o., 03.09.2013

The services of this clinic were of the highest quality and all the staff is very nice and very competent. I highly recommend Care Zone Medical to everyone interested.

T.C., 23 y.o., 03.09.2013

The Care Zone clinical services are impeccable. The staff is very attentive and prompt. After the second surgery, I can say I'm satisfied with the result.

B.S.M., 24 y.o., 05.09.2013

I am satisfied with the information received, but I think they could have indicated more stongly other issues such as risks. Friendly staff, nice room.

V.F., 46 y.o., 10.09.2013


G.A., 35 y.o., 10.09.2013


B.M., 35 y.o., 17.09.2013

My impression about Dr. Alberts and her involvement in what she does is very good and inspiring confidence. Thank you!

I.T., 78 y.o., 17.09.2013

I have great confidence in this clinic and in its staff.

M.G., 31 y.o., 19.09.2013

Botox - efficient outcome.

F.D., 24 y.o., 19.09.2013

I am very happy with the services provided by this clinic.

B.A., 31 y.o., 17.09.2013

Very good opinion!!!

B.A., 31 y.o., 17.09.2013

Very good opinion!!!

D.L., 38 y.o., 01.10.2013

I am happy with the outcome of my rhinoplasty surgery. Both the staff and doctor Adina Alberts behaved professionally.

C.A., 32 y.o., 01.10.2013

Standards of the highest level, very good hospitalization conditions, experience and professionalism.

M.D., 44 y.o., 15.10.2013

A very good impression both before and after the surgery. Dr. Adina Alberts is a very serious doctor with experience. The clinic staff is very friendly and helpful.

F.D., 24 y.o., 15.10.2013

I am very happy with the outcome and the way I was treated by the staff.

N.O., 22 y.o., 17.09.2013

Everything was fine. The nurses were very nice and attentive, as well as Dr. Adina Alberts.

I.E., 37 y.o., 17.09.2013

I was treated with respect and professionalism by the Care Zone staff. I am impressed with how well the whole surgery went.

S.L., 80 y.o., 03.10.2013

Special thanks to Dr. Adina Alberts for her professionalism and kindness. I appreciate the attention and kindness that they show in all aspects. I will return with confidence whenever I will have a health problem.

D.S.I., 23 y.o., 01.10.2013

I fondly remember an experience routinely considered painful, but that proved to be short and with the desired outcome. The staff was more than helpful in the days before surgery, on the day of the intervention and continues to be for each of the follow-up meetings. The result was definitely the one I wanted.

N.E.L., 43 y.o., 01.10.2013

I come here with love and with high confidence. The atmosphere is warm, the staff is efficient, courteous, attentive and with patience.

P.M., 46 y.o., 22.10.2013

Quality services, professionalism.

C.N., 41 y.o., 22.10.2013

Extremely satisfied!

O.A., 20 y.o., 22.10.2013

I am very happy with the service, everything went well.

U.N., 33 y.o., 22.10.2013

I am very happy with botox treatment that you do in your clinic. As proof, for about 4 years I keep coming here. The staff I interact with behaves perfectly, I have no complaints so far.

I.G., 26 y.o., 22.10.2013

Care Zone is the best clinic in Bucharest, where I keep going to for the past 3 years with great love. I was greeted each time with professionalism and warmth. The entire staff is great and every time I recommend Care Zone with confidence.

T.C., 37 y.o., 21.10.2013

I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the entire staff and by the quality of the services at your clinic.

I.R., 46 y.o., 12.11.2013

I underwent both treatments and surgeries at the Care Zone clinic and the results were the ones I wanted. I was very happy with the staff, with everything you do, you do it with much dedication and professionalism. Being a pharmacist I put great emphasis on cleanliness and sterility, which I found in this clinic. I come with great confidence at this clinic, and Dr. Alberts is a specialist with lots and lots of training and kindness which automatically transmits to me as a patient.

J.M., 23 y.o., 12.11.2013

I am very happy with the way I was treated and with the surgery and consultations. In this clinic, Dr. Alberts is a professional, and also the nurses are special. I recommend it to all who want to look better and feel better in their own skin.

I.N.L., 45 y.o., 12.11.2013

Super exciting! Attention and special treatment for the patient. OK!

R.A.G., 33 y.o., 18.11.2013

Super cool, OK. The best!

R.C., 18.11.2013

My experience with Care Zone is very enjoyable because the staff took great care that everything is all right with me. At 7 days after the surgery, the result seems very good and as I wanted it to be. Thanks to the staff and Dr. Adina Alberts for everything they did for me.

C.L., 29 y.o., 05.11.2013

With the surgery I am 70% happy (the result of the operation). The clinic is great.

N.I., 39 y.o., 03.12.2013

Everything I had done in this clinic is great. Thanks Dr. Alberts and for the nurses.

P.M., 29 y.o., 03.12.2013

So far I am extremely pleased. The result is better than expected and the staff behaved impeccably.

O.A., 21 y.o., 18.02.2014

I am very happy with the outcome of the surgery and the services provided during hospitalization.

B.G., 21 y.o., 06.03.2014

I am very pleased with the services offered by CMI Dr. Adina Caratama Clinic

C.N., 42 y.o., 08.04.2014


A.S., 60 y.o., 20.05.2014

Safe environment, inspiring reliability and professionalism at every level of contact required until now It is the first treatment, conclusions, assessments do not depend on the results that depend on the body. Professionalism

R.G., 30 y.o., 15.07.2014

I have a high opinion of Mrs. Adina. I was very happy with the intervention performed by her

I.I., 29 y.o., 04.09.2014

My opinion is entirely positive based on a physician extremely devoted, caring, available (dr. Adina Alberts) both before and after the operation. Also the clinic staff was always attentive, courteous and efficient. Thank you

O.A., 21 y.o., 16.09.2014

I was very happy with the treatments performed at the clinic, also with the result of the operation

S.L., 81 y.o., 26.09.2014

High class medical services. Professionalism and courtesy from doctor Adina and the entire cllinic staff

C.D., 34 y.o., 28.10.2014


C.N., 42 y.o., 28.10.204

Extremely satisfied

P.M., 45 y.o., 18.11.2014

Quality services

R.I., 26 y.o., 12.12.2014

I felt great and the staff but especially the doctor behaved very nice and I was well cared for

C.R., 26 y.o., 13.01.2015

My experience in your clinic has been positive, the staff were well trained, courteous, everything was as OK as it could have been

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