Therapeutic mixes

Techniques to increase the blood supply to the skin Techniques to reduce the fat deposit stature Peeling techniques - body scrub Wrapping Techniques
manual massage diet massage with abrasive products elastic bandages
endermology exercise sauna electric blankets
sauna liposuction endermology thermal blanket
Turkish bath lipowash creams stimulating sweating mini-sauna
exposure to radiofrequency or infrared waves exposure to radiofrequency or infrared waves - Neoprene pants
mesotherapy mesotherapy - -
suckers endermology - -
ultrasound thermage - -
revulsion substances abdominoplasty - -

Detoxification techniques Techniques to stimulate collagen production Techniques to stimulate skin penetration Techniques for removing water from the tissue
sauna manual massage ultrasound manual lymphatic drainage
Hydrocolonotherapy endermology IR, UV, radiofrequency endermology
diet exposure to radiofrequency or infrared waves revulsion substances Pressotherapy
suckers diet peeling - scrub Content elastic
creams stimulating sweating mesotherapy mesotherapy diuretics
manual lymphatic drainage thermage electrostimulation exercise
- - suckers sauna
- - - suckers
- - - cold therapy

Desi tratamentul este foarte eficient, totusi 1% din pacienti nu obtin rezultatele dorite!
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