Total body lift

This procedure is primarily intended for people who have been obese and who have managed to lose tens of pounds. Under these circumstances, the overlying tegument is "dizzyingly hanging" everywhere, at the level of your arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees. It takes a generalized skin correction everywhere, correction that will leave important scars, but will substantially improve the silhouette.

Intervention will only be done if the weight stabilized and there is no risk of subsequent accumulation of fat at the subcutaneous level.

Intervention can be done in one operator, but it is best to do it in 2-3 steps so that the patient's recovery is as good as possible. It usually starts to lift tissues from bottom to top; In areas such as the arms, abdomen or breasts, there are no influences from the lower-body tissues.

The operator plan will be established according to patient's priorities, needs, and wishes. The scars will be arranged as we mentioned in each chapter: abdominoplasty, thigh lifting, buttock lifting, arms lifting, breast lift)

Frequently Asked Questions What are the total body lifting contraindications?
Because this intervention is large, general anesthesia is needed. Serious cardiopulmonary disease at which anesthetic risk is present is a contraindication to this surgery. Serious dermatological, infectious, caxay and diabetes are also contraindicated for such surgery. The patient should be informed of the type of postoperative residual scars, he / she will have to understand that he / she will stay with them for the rest of their life and agree to it. He also needs to know that a correction is sometimes necessary, corrections that can be made 6 months after surgery.
What are the risks of total body lifting?

Immediately postoperatively there are risks of infection, wound dehiscence, massive bleeding, significant inflammation, etc. Remote risks are pathological scarring and unevenness at the level of operating areas.
What is the optimal interval between total body lifting?
The operations can be done in several stages, several months apart. The thigh correction for example can be associated with that of the arms or breasts, because the two operator zones evolve independently of each other. Ascending the buttocks can be associated with abdominoplasty because these two interventions can be followed by a single scar in the suprapubic region that will continue in the posterior, circular.
What is the recovery period for total body lifting?
The operator plan should also take into account the need for the patient to sit in the dorsal, lateral or ventral decubitus or in the seated position. It is usually not considered in the same surgical step elements on the anterior, posterior and both sides. This would make the patient unable to sit in bed !. What are postoperative care for total body lifting?

Hospitalization is required 24 hours postoperatively. The next day you will be given an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-algic recipe for 5-7 days. It is advisable to wear the elastic garment that has been prescribed to you. Resuming daily activities will be done gradually. Also, the massage of the operated areas can be begun even from the 2nd postoperative week, with a gradually increasing intensity. Endermological massage is very useful.

Although treatment is very effective, however, 1% of patients do not get the desired results!
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