Treatment Packages

Treatment sessions for the body may be composed of a single type of therapy, or may be composed of several combinations of different therapies. The maximum effect derives from the combination of several types of body treatments - aesthetic, cosmetic, medical or surgical.
Packages of treatments can be aimed at reshaping the body, weight loss, maintaining or recovering skin tone, alleviating cellulite, skin hydration, refreshing and rejuvenating the skin etc.

Combinations depend on the needs and preferences of the patients. Care Zone patented several standard combinations helpful in 85-90 % of cases. On request, these programs can be customized to fit your desires, preferences and pathology.

As a general treatment , a well-prepared package should be followed rhythmically with 2 or 3 days between sessions and must contain some mandatory maneuvers such as:
  • blood circulation and lymphatic system¬†activating maneuvers¬†to speed up the elimination of toxins and facilitate penetration of active ingredients into the skin (massage, sauna, endermology etc.)
  • peeling techniques - body scrubs to speed the peeling of dead cells and give skin a new glow.
  • wrapping techniques to allow active substances to act on the skin at a deeper level (elastic cords, electric blanket, heating blanket, neoprene pants etc.)
  • detoxification techniques to allow the body to purify (sauna, diet, suckers, creams etc.)
  • techniques for stimulating the formation of collagen (hand massage, endermology, exposure to radiofrequency or infrared¬†waves etc.).
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