Body Wraps

It has the role of maintaining a longer period of up to one hour of contact with the active substances used and thus potentiate their effect. Wrapping can be hot or cold.
Hot body wraps

Hot wrapping involves the use of electric heating blankets, mini-sauna etc. that are designed to increase and maintain higher skin temperature. The absorption of active substances used in packing is enhanced .

The temperature to which heating is practice is 39-40° C. I should mention here one aspect of mini-sauna. In the case of only segments which fit parts of the body (abdomen only or just thighs) their effectiveness is questionable.

If mini-sauna is introduced to the body and the head is left out add a significant hazard. Heating up to 40° C or more may cause the to increase the skin capillary blood supply and, very importantly, to determine migration in peripheral blood circulation at the expense of the areas left out of the sauna, namely the head.

There is a danger that the cerebral vasculature will be insufficient for these reasons and the risk of developing transient strokes. This risk is even greater as the introduction of mini-sauna is not done in decubitus (lying down) but keeping the head in an elevated position. The heating temperature may be significantly higher than in an electric blanket.
The safest are total saunas, those little rooms where atmospheric warming produced by different methods. Usually it is good that in these saunas we stay seated on a step closer to the ground and avoid lying down. In this way we avoid extreme temperatures that usually form in the higher areas of the sauna and the phenomena of vertigo or dizziness that can occur due to a decreased blood supply to the brain when you get up to get out of the sauna.
Cold body wraps

Cold wrapping involves the use of substances with a strong revulsive character (dilates peripheral vessels, similar to heat only more limited to the area you applied the product) and then applying various cellulite active ingredients. Packing is usually mild or moderate with elastic retainers using multiple elastic wraps and can be done completely or only partially on the affected segments.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
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