Dry Sauna

Dry and wet saunas (Turkish baths) date from ancient times and were not long ago the only method of relaxation and body care. The benefits of saunas are easy to imagine, dry heat causes sweating of the body and eliminating the toxins and metabolic products in excess. This also drains various impurities from the skin producing an effective cleaning. Peripheral vasodilation produced is one of the main positive effects, dilatation of the entire circulatory system preventing atheromatous deposits.

Alternating warm and cold shower causes sudden changes in the arterial system size and efficiency and is a form of "training" vascular motility.

Also the very dry climate in these saunas allows the body to withstand temperatures of up to 80° C without burn injuries occurring, external or internal - airways.

Dry saunas are the best in terms of heating efficiency. The efficiency of an application of cellulite cream is high after sauna.

Wet sauna involves creating an atmosphere of water vapors, the temperature of which is lower than in the dry sauna but with higher efficiency in terms of skin hydration.

Turkish baths or wet sauna is indicated for those with dehydrated skin and dry sauna for those with oily skin. It is required then to be applied an anti-cellulite cream, moisturizing and nourishing, preferably also an oily emulsion in the water.

Both types of saunas are indicated in the condition of cellulite, dry sauna with greater efficiency in forms of cellulitis associated with obesity.
Suna Acum