Reflexology has an important role in complex body remodeling therapies. Reflexology is the massage of the reflex zones of the body to increase functionality and rebalance its systems.

The human body has several reflex areas, areas that can access virtually all body organs and systems. Each has nerve stimulation in these areas so that the points corresponding to each device or organic system will cause a reflex response. The most important areas are the palms and soles reflex, secondary the ear and the nose.

By applying reflexology deep relaxation of the body can be achieved, inhibiting hunger centers with consequent decrease in food consumption, rebalancing the metabolic rate, hormonal and sleep-wake rhythm. Also reflexology may enhance the elimination of toxins and water from the tissue. Reflexology can "diagnose" minimal functionality disorders or organ systems, thus drawing attention to the need of presenting to the doctor for these types of pathologies.

Reflexology is a treatment in itself , but a very useful adjunct and installation method of preventing disease. It is practiced by qualified and trained staff. Courses are required every 12 to 20 sessions, daily, with a frequency of at least 3 times per week sessions which usually takes 30-50 min.

After the first treatment sessions existing disorders are exacerbated, ie more troublesome insomnia, hunger etc. After 5-6 sessions you will begin to feel the first positive effects, effects that stabilize and become permanent at the end of therapy. Treatment course may be repeated 2 times per year.

Although the treatment is very effective, however 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!
Suna Acum