Subscision is an aesthetic medicine technic that consists in using a fine needle that produces "irritation" at every wrinkle in order to stimulate the collagen. After the treatment the area stimulated is presented as a "scratch" that will heal in 2-4 days by local collagen formation.

It was originally designed to treat fine wrinkles and acne scars and was named BioSkinJetting. Later this method was extended in use. In the Care Zone clinic this technique is used to treat:

  1. wrinkles (see BSJ )
  2. acne scars
  3. depressed scars
  4. cellulite
  5. definitive unevenness post liposuction

For cellulite, subscizia may have beneficial effects by destroying enter and subdermal septa, septa responsible for the appearance of the "orange peel".

After a specialized consultant to determine which cellulite areas can be trated by this procedure, the skin is disinfected with surgical cleaning products and this technique is applied.

During this maneuver there will be some superficial bleeding so it is advisable that it is practiced in conditions of absolute sterility. After the treatment the skin can be bruised and / or slightly swollen for a few days. Local cold applications are typically enough to remove any inconvenience felt.

This is a very new technique, it seems to have good results for normal weight patients on localized areas, especially for cellulite resistant to other forms of treatment with a strong fibrous component.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many subscision treatment sessions are needed?

Usually 2-3 treatment sessions are needed at a variable interval depending on the condition treated. In the case of cellulite and post liposuction definitive bumps it can be repeated every 4-6 months. In the case of depressive scars subscizia can be accompanied with a method of filling, such as grease filling. For wrinkles the interval between sessions is 2 weeks. It can be associated with injections of botulinum toxin (botox) at the same level to get long lasting results. In all cases it is forbidden the sun exposure of the treated areas for a period of six months.

How long does a subscision session last?

Each session lasts from 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the treated area. For larger areas it may take longer. It is necesary that the conditions of absolute sterility are satisfied.

Is subscision a painful maneuver?

The treatment of wrinkles and acne scars is done with local anesthesia, by applying creams with an anesthetic effect. For other conditions a local anesthetic injection is needed. In the case of more extensive interventions general anesthesia may be required.

What are the contraindications of subscision?

The contraindications of subscizia are serious skin diseases, severe blood clotting diseases, diabetes, serious chronic diseases, chronic infections etc.

Are the results of subscision definitive?

Usually the results are very durable. But sometimes it takes another series of treatments at a variable interval between 4 and 10 months. The results are maintained over time and depending on how the skin and underlying tissues are cared for. The results also vary greatly from one person to another.

When treating cellulite, if subscizia is not accompanied by methods of disease maintenance and prevention, the results will not be sustainable.

What are the complications of subscision?

Complications of this technique are local infections, excessive bleeding, bruising, hematoma, hyperpigmentations in exposure to sunlight etc.

Although these treatments are very effective, 1% of the patients do not achieve the desired results!

Suna Acum